Free Fire Evo Vault: How to Obtain Bang Popblaster Groza?

Free Fire players, get ready for the latest addition – the Bang Popblaster Groza! This new Evo Gun skin comes with various benefits, including an exclusive emote, unique abilities, impressive effects, and a distinct appearance. To obtain this skin and others, the Evo Vault Luck Royale is your gateway to unlocking these cosmetic features.

Limited-Time Event: Free Fire Evo Vault Luck Royale

Garena has introduced the Evo Vault Luck Royale in Free Fire, starting on September 29, 2023, and scheduled to run until October 29, 2023. Each spin in this event costs 20 diamonds, and for a more daring approach, you can opt for 11 spins at the cost of 200 diamonds. The rules state that within 50 spins or less, you’ll claim an Evo Gun skin, with duplicates converting into valuable Evo Tokens.

The Diamond Dilemma: How Much Will It Cost?

Acquiring the Bang Popblaster Groza from the Free Fire Evo Vault can cost you anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 diamonds. The exact number varies from player to player, with some fortunate individuals snagging it in 2,000-diamond spins, while others may have to invest over 5,000 diamonds.

Token Tally: Upgrading the Bang Popblaster Groza

To reach the pinnacle of Evo Gun elegance, you’ll need 1,450 Groza-Bang! Popblaster Tokens. Each level comes with unique perks:

  • Level 2: Elimination Announcement and Upgrade Attributes

  • Level 3: New Look

  • Level 4: Hit Effect and Upgrade Attributes

  • Level 5: Elimination Effect and Firing Effect

  • Level 6: New Look and Unlock Abilities

  • Level 7: New Look and Exclusive Emote