BGMI Best M249 Loadout: Complete Attachment Setup

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers some of the best weapons in the game. There are several kinds of weapons in BGMI which are used in close, mid and long range battles. The Assault Rifles (AR’s) such as AKM and M762, SubMachine Guns (SMG) such as UMP45, Light Machine Guns like the M249 and Shotguns like DBS and S12k, if mastered can win you any fights.

Among all the above mentioned weapons the M249 is probably one of the most powerful automatic weapons in the game. Its fire rate and magazine capacity of 150 bullets makes it one of the most dangerous weapons in the game.

What is the best loadout for M249 in BGMI?  

The M249 was a drop only weapon in the past but later was made available with the regular loot weapons. As the M249 uses different kinds of attachments it is one of the best among all the other Light Machine Guns such as the MG3 which doesn’t use any attachments other than a scope. 

These are some of the best attachments for the M249:

The M249 uses 5.56mm ammunition. Its basic magazine without the attachment can hold 75 bullets and with an extended magazine can hold up to 150 bullets. The Extended Quickdraw Magazine attachment not only increases the number of bullets but also reduces the reload time of the weapon. The Tactical Stock is another important attachment in the weapon as it helps to reduce the recoil and players can take mid to long range fights. 

These are some of the stats of M249:

Unlike other 5.56mm weapons such as the M416 or Scar-L which are easy to master. The M249 can be a little difficult to master with it being a Light Machine Gun as it has higher recoil than other 5.56mm weapons. It is recommended to use the M249 in close range and mid range battles as it can be tough to manage its recoil in long range fights.