Free Fire Diamond Top up: Get Rs10 Diamond Top Up Free

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Free Fire Diamond Top-up Don’t know what free fire 10 rupees offer top-up? You don’t know how you can get the offer for free? 

Don’t worry we are here for you. Stay with us to how you can use the offers.

What is a Free Fire Diamond Top-up? 

Free Fire Diamond Top-up comes with a huge opportunity to get free stuff.  Free Fire 10 rupees offer allows you to get all the legendary items at a merger price or maybe you can get the stuff for free. And if you want more free diamonds you can use Free Fire Diamond Hack.

Free Fire Diamond Top up
Free Fire Diamond Top up

But the issue is most of the time players need to purchase the offers. You need to pay a certain amount to get the benefits of the offer. Generally, players are not able to afford the offer prices. However, there are few mentors through which you can get free. We are going to discuss how to get an offer in Free Fire. 

How is a Free Fire Diamond Top-up 10 Rupees Offer Beneficial?

Free Fire 10 rupees offer ranges from Rs. 10 to Rs.1999. In each, you get Emotes Or 4 Gun Skins crate boxes. Above are just the typical offer gifts available for you. There are hundreds of reward combinations made available for you. You may get Skins, bundles, and weapons. Well-known skins like DJ Alok, Blue Flame Draco, and others. 

There are more than 40+ amalgamations of the rewards. Hurry up! You are losing time, Go and get the offers right now. Maybe you are the next luck charm. 

How to get a Free Fire Diamond Top-up for Rs10? 

10 Rupees Offers are new to many users. Some of you know how to redeem the offer but there is also a possibility some of you don’t know how to get a 10 Rupees Offer. 

Don’t stress! Read the below steps to know how to get 10 rupees to offer. 

  • Step 1: Firstly, download the offer files from the link. Download and also extract the file on your device. 
  • Step 2:  Find the file folder, Copy and paste the file Free Fire Folder. 
  • Step 3: Clear all the history of the Free Fire through the setting option. 
  • Step 4: Allow all the settings and permission needed to start the game.  The game might need some privacy settings. Now, log in using Facebook. 
  • Step 5: Now, start the classic free-fire game on the Bermuda map. Kill 6 people by headshot and exit the match. 
  • Step 6: When you will successfully exit the game you will see the 10 rupees offer on the bottom side of the screen. 

Now the last and final step, click on the 10 rupees special to avail of the offer. 

It’s easy to redeem the offer through this method. All you need is to copy and paste some of the files.

How to get Top Up Free Fire Diamond Top up 10 Rupees Offer?

Now let’s come to the main point, How to Top Ip  10 Rupees Offer? 

Till now you know what is offered and how you can get the offer. Below are the few steps through which you can get the offer. 

How to Top Up Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer?

There are various methods available to vial the Top Up Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer. You can use Paytm, Amazon Pay, UPI, or any of the methods to get the offer. 

Some of the common ways are : 

Follow the below steps to get the offer : 

  • Step 1: Open any of the methods mentioned above. Open Paytm, or Amazon Pay, or simply open your UPI. 
  • Step 2: On your screen, you will see the option ” Google Play Recharge “. If you are not able to find the option then search for the option using the search bar.
  • Step 3: Pay Rs.10 or the minimum value required to get the offer. Pay the amount and exit the portal.
  • Step 4: When the transaction is completed you will receive the code through email or SMS. Go and find the 16-digit recharge code. 

Copy and Paste the code on the purchasing page of the special offer. Tap on the continue option and proceed to take advantage of the Top Up Free Fire 10  Rupees Offer

How to get Free Fire 10 Rupees Diamond Top-up Offer for free?

Free fire 10 rupees offer to top up costs a certain amount and as said above not all players can afford to purchase the offer. To solve the problem of our audience, we are providing you with a few methods of how you can get offers for free. 

Some Tips and tricks to get free fire 10 Rupees to offer Top Up for Free  : 

1. Don’t buy diamonds – Don’t buy expensive stuff in a free fire when offers are going to be started. This is a small trick that you can use. 

Free fire offers to depend on your previous track. Therefore try to avoid it

This will increase the chances of getting free fire 10 rupees to offer to top up for free. 

2. Don’t Play ranked games – Go to the classic game this will increase the chances of getting free fire 10 rupees offer free. 

There are chances that maybe you are not getting free offers but you will get the Rs.29, Rs.299 airdrops, and other offers. Even this price range is quite affordable. 

3. Clear the History – This one is an out-of-the-way method but you may get amazing offers through this method. The logic besides this trick is that: Google play removes all your previous history and transactions. This will help you get amazing offers. 

Follow these steps to clear history :

Mobile Settings>>Apps>>Free Fire>> Cache>>Clear.

All the tricks mentioned here are just to keep you on the safe side. You can follow to get enticing offers. 

Note: These tricks don’t guarantee you will get a free offer but tricks take you a step ahead in your journey.


We talked about everything, starting from what is free fire 10 rupees offer top-up offer, how you can get the offer, and also the tips and tricks to get the offer.