Free Fire MAX M14 Inner Nightmare Skin; Check Cost, Attributes, How to Get

Free Fire MAX has introduced an exciting new legendary M14 skin in its latest luck royale event. The new skin, called the M14-Inner Nightmare, features a blazing fiery design that is sure to turn heads. Players will need to participate in the M14 Royale event for a chance to unlock this menacing new skin.

All about the M14 Inner Nightmare Skin

The M14 Royale event launched on 26th January 2024 on the Indian Free Fire MAX server. It will be available for the next 15 days, giving players a limited time window to get the M14-Inner Nightmare and other epic rewards.

The M14 is one of the most popular sniper rifles in Free Fire MAX thanks to its long range precision. The M14-Inner Nightmare gives this already formidable weapon some additional attributes to make it even deadlier on the battlefield:

  • Fire Rate ++

  • Reload Speed +

  • Magazine –

The improved fire rate helps offset the typically slow firing of sniper rifles, while the faster reload will keep you shooting as fast as possible. And while the reduced magazine seems like a downgrade, skilled sharpshooters shouldn’t need more than a few shots to take down targets.

Of course, the M14-Inner Nightmare also comes with a menacing aesthetic thanks to the blazing red and black color scheme. The fiery accents and prominent red skull imagery cement this gun’s place as a tool for merciless domination of the opposition.

How to add the M14-Inner Nightmare skin to your inventory

Players will need to rely on luck to unlock the M14-Inner Nightmare and other rewards up for grabs in this royale. It costs 20 diamonds per spin, with a package of 11 spins available for 200 diamonds. The full list of attainable rewards includes:

  • 4 unlockable M14 weapon skins

  • Various character outfits and cosmetics

  • Backpacks, surfboards, loot crates

  • Tokens and rewards to aid in matches

With such enticing prizes on offer, Free Fire MAX players would be wise to jump into this royale sooner rather than later. The M14-Inner Nightmare’s time in the spotlight is limited.

To participate, simply:

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and access your account

  2. Go to the Luck Royale section and select the M14 Royale

  3. Spend diamonds to earn spins and unlock epic rewards

The clock is already ticking on this frightening yet formidable new weapon skin. Players chasing elite firepower won’t want to let this opportunity slip away!