Free Fire x Demon Slayer Collaboration Event: Free Tengen’s Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack Up for Grabs

Free Fire x Demon Slayer collaboration event is currently livee where players have the chance to secure the highly sought-after Tengen’s Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack. Despite being available at no cost, participants must engage in diverse missions on the Ability Chart to accumulate Stars and lay claim to their rewards.

The event not only features Tengen’s Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack but also provides the opportunity to acquire a Demon Slayer-themed avatar, banner, and even Chachamaru, suitable for use on the Spawn Islands.

Latest Event in Free Fire: Tengen’s Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack on Offer

Garena launched a web event on September 29, 2023, spotlighting Tengen’s Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack in Free Fire. This event is scheduled to run until October 13, 2023.

Throughout the event, a five-dimensional Ability Chart is deployed to mirror your combat style. Completion of tasks on this chart is imperative for earning Stars and progressing through the Booyah I to Booyah VI ratings.

To unlock exclusive rewards, the accumulation of a total of 250 Stars is required (Image courtesy of Garena). Premium rewards, contingent on Stars collected during the Free Fire event, encompass:

  • 10 Stars – 1000x Gold

  • 20 Stars – Booyah Day 2023 music

  • 30 Stars – 1000x Gold

  • 40 Stars – Chachamaru

  • 50 Stars – 1000x Gold

  • 60 Stars – Chachamaru

  • 70 Stars – 1500x Gold

  • 80 Stars – Secret Clue

  • 90 Stars – 1500x Gold

  • 100 Stars – Secret Clue

  • 115 Stars – Tanjiro Style Banner

  • 130 Stars – 3000x Gold

  • 145 Stars – 3000x Gold

  • 160 Stars – Tanjiro Avatar

  • 175 Stars – 4000x Gold

  • 190 Stars – 4000x Gold

  • 205 Stars – Tanjiro Style Backpack

  • 220 Stars – 5000x Gold

  • 235 Stars – 5000x Gold

  • 250 Stars – Tengen’s Bundle

Claiming Stars from preceding tasks within a specific dimension is a prerequisite for unlocking subsequent tasks.

Steps for Acquiring Tengen’s Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack in Free Fire

Follow these steps to secure your Demon Slayer-themed rewards in the game:

  1. Select the Demon Slayer icon located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

  2. Opt for the “enter” option to access the event interface.

  3. Successfully complete missions within a specific dimension and those adjacent to it to acquire Stars.

  4. Retrieve your well-earned items, such as the outfit and backpack, by clicking on the corresponding icons.

Given the event’s reasonable duration, amassing 250 Stars shouldn’t pose a formidable challenge. The enticing rewards, including the highly coveted cosmetics, make this endeavor worthwhile. Additionally, participants will receive 30,000 Gold, which can be utilized for spins in the Free Fire Demon Slayer Royale.