How to Control Vertical Recoil in BGMI

How to Control Vertical Recoil in BGMI


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers a wide variety of weapons for players to use in the game. AKM, M416, Scar-L, UMP45 and M249 are some of the weapons preferred by the maximum number of players. Each weapon has its pros and cons. But the common one among all of them is the recoil, especially the vertical recoil. Controlling the vertical recoil will allow players to master most of the weapons and win fights easily.

Tips to control vertical recoil

Understanding and controlling the vertical recoil is the most important part of mastering a weapon. Vertical recoil is when the weapon sees an upward movement while shooting bullets. Players who can control vertical recoil will have an added advantage in mid to long range fights as they will be able to have precise sprays which helps in knocking down and finishing enemies.

Here are some of tips to control vertical recoil:

  • To control vertical recoil players will need to have appropriate attachments on their weapons. BGMI offers a variety of attachments and grips. Players will have to try and use every attachment and grip and use the one which is comfortable for them. It is recommended to use Vertical, Thumb or Angled grips which help to control the overall recoil of the weapon. Players can also use a compensator attachment which also helps to reduce recoil. Weapons like the M416 also use a stock attachment which helps to maintain the stability of the weapon.

  • Choose weapons which have lower recoil. The UMP45 uses .45 ACP ammunition and the M416 and Scar-L use the 5.56mm ammunition. These weapons generally have lower recoil and are easy to control. Weapons such as the AKM and M762 use 7.62mm ammunition and are harder to control.

  • Having the right sensitivity can make it easier for players to control vertical recoil. Use the tasks in the training ground to achieve the best sensitivity. Players can use the sensitivity of esports athletes and can then change it to their liking if need be. 

  • Use the training ground in BGMI to practice your sensitivity and control recoil. The training ground offers different kinds of tasks which will help players to practice close and long range battles. Players can use the various targets at different distances to spray and learn how to control their vertical recoil.

  • If players do not have control over the vertical recoil it is recommended that players use the burst technique. In this technique the players will have to shoot 4-5 bullets and not spray while shooting. 

  • In long range battles players can prone and spray if the enemies have not spotted them. Proning and spraying allows a player to shoot accurate and precise sprays without much recoil.

Controlling recoil is the most important aspect when it comes to taking mid to long range battles. Players will have to practice with the attachments and grips regularly to see improvements at a quick pace.


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