BGMI Conqueror Guide: 5 Best Ways to Push Ranks (October 2023)

BGMI Conqueror Guide: 5 Best Ways to Push Ranks (October 2023)


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most competitive battle royale mobile games in India. The game has several ranks starting from Bronze, Silver and Gold, going up to Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator and Conqueror. Every BGMI player’s dream is to secure the title of Conqueror. It is the highest rank in BGMI and bears the most skilled players. To secure this rank players need to have certain skills and abilities and also need to rigorously grind the game.

5 Best ways to reach Conqueror in BGMI  

The Conqueror rank in BGMI has players of the highest caliber. Players who have good map knowledge, mastery of weapons and coordination are more likely to reach Conqueror rank at a fast pace.

Here are some tips to reach Conqueror in BGMI:

  • Choosing the landing spot is an important aspect to push Conqueror rank. Choose a safe landing spot in the map of your choice. Generally players tend to play on the map of Erangel which is also the most played map in BGMI. Mylta City, Severny and Primorsk are some of the safe landing spots on the map of Erangel. Avoid hot drops such as Pochinki, Georgopol City, Georgopol Containers and Sosnovka Military Base. Hot drops have the most number of enemies and can lead to an early elimination. If players are eliminated early they will lose rank points which will make it harder to rank push to Conqueror.

  • Mastering most of the weapons can be advantageous while pushing ranks in BGMI. Players may not always have the weapon of their choice while pushing ranks, so it is important to know the basics of all weapons and how they work. Some of the best weapons to use in close range are AKM and UMP45. For mid to long range fights M416 and Scar-L are the best choices.

  • Players will need to have sufficient loot in terms of Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades, Ammunition and Molotovs. As players reach higher ranks utilities such as smoke grenades and frag grenades play an important role. Smoke Grenades are usually used to hide from enemies and Frag Grenades are used to knockdown or finish enemies.

  • Players must master their shooting skills. Learning how to control recoil, spray patterns, and peek and shoot techniques can be helpful to win fights and secure the maximum number of finishes from every match. 

  • Make use of cover available on the map. Erangel offers a lot of compounds and ridges. These can be used to take cover from enemies and surprise them at the right moment and win the fight. 

  • Playing with the same team can be helpful while pushing ranks. It helps build coordination among the team and players will more often win fights without suffering any major damage or player losses.

  • Being flexible while pushing ranks will help maintain consistency. Players should choose when to play aggressive and passive. Adapting to situations and knowing when to take fights and avoid fights will help players gain the maximum number of finishes and points from each match.

Conqueror is the hardest rank to push to in BGMI. Players will need to play and grind the game rigorously in order to achieve the Conqueror title. Follow these tips and practice on a regular basis to quickly reach the Conqueror rank.


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