How to get Money Rain emote & More in Free Fire Ghost Criminal Emote Party Event?

The Free Fire MAX Indian server has recently introduced an engaging emote party event dedicated to expanding players’ emote collections. However, this event stands out due to its exclusive offering—the all-new Money Rain emotes and the reintroduction of the FFWS Throne emote. To partake in this extravaganza, players must utilize their diamonds, as the prizes up for grabs are of premium value.

The Exclusive Money Rain Emote and Event Details

Launched on November 23, 2023, the event will run until December 4, 2023. Within this timeframe, players can amass premium emotes from the fixed prize pool. Accessing these rewards involves making spins using diamonds, with options for normal spins costing 19 diamonds and super spins priced at 199 diamonds. Opting for the latter guarantees at least one emote per spin, with a 50% discount applied to the initial super spin. The 5th super spin secures an assured Grand Prize, and every set of 5 super spins guarantees a legendary emote if unowned. Any duplicate rewards will automatically convert to FF Tokens, ensuring no loss for players.

Unveiling the Emote Party Event Prize Pool

The Emote Party event features a diverse range of prizes, categorized as Grand Prizes and Normal Prizes, enticing players with an array of engaging emotes and other rewards.

Grand Prizes Include:

  • Rain Money

  • Festival Celebration

  • Grenade Magic

  • Free Money!

  • Throne FFWS