How to Get the Free Legendary DR-H – Kurohana Crate in COD: Mobile with these Simple Steps

The ever-waited completely free legendary has arrived in COD: Mobile and the excitement among players have hit the roof. The legendary skin features an all-new and exclusive serpent theme which has set it apart even from the premium skins in the game. But not all will be able to claim the legendary blueprint. In this article, we will take a look at what are the requirements to unlock the first legendary skin in the game, and what can players do if they do not meet the criteria.

How to claim legendary DR-H in COD: Mobile?

To claim the legendary DR-H in season 11 of COD: Mobile, players need to unlock the Kurohana crate by earning six legendary medals and four tokens. Once the crate is unlocked, players can claim their free primary legendary weapon skin, which is the DR-H. The Kurohana crate offers a chance to unlock this free primary legendary weapon skin, which has a serpent-themed design and a strikingly impressive kill effect. There are several YouTube videos that provide a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the Kurohana crate and its contents, as well as how to claim the free legendary DR-H.

Requirements to unlock the Kurohana Crate

To unlock the Kurohana crate, players need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Reach legendary rank in both Multiplayer (MP) and Battle Royale (BR) modes.

  2. Earn 6 ranked medals and 4 confidential tokens in total, with 1 medal for each time you reach legendary rank in MP or BR.

  3. Reach the top 5000 leaderboard in either MP or BR.

  4. Complete missions to earn tokens.

The first look and gameplay of the Kurohana crate were revealed in a series of YouTube videos. These videos provide a detailed overview of the Kurohana crate and its contents, as well as demonstrations of the gameplay. Some key points from these videos include:

Players can check out the video below for detailed look and gameplay of legendary DR-H – Kurohana Crate

What can I do if do not have enough tokens?

Players can two more tokens by reaching legendary this ranked season (season 6) and unlock the Kurohana crate. In case, they have less than 4 legendary tokens they can save it future crates as leakers have hinted there are more free legendaries on the way.

How to get the Kurohana Crate?

Follow this directory to get your first free legendary.

Multiplayer> Ranked Match> Series Details> Year 2023> Bloom in Black> Elite Mission Rewards.

Confidential tokens can tapping on the documents and claiming the rewards.