How to Get the Nezuko Bundle & More from Free Fire’s Mystery Shop Event

The collaboration between Free Fire and Demon Slayer has led to the introduction of themed in-game cosmetics, reflecting the iconic characters from the renowned Manga and Anime series. The latest addition to this collaboration is the Mystery Shop event, where players can acquire unique and high-end items at reduced prices.

Highlight of the Event

The primary attraction of this event are the exclusive items – Nezuko’s costume bundle and Tanjiro’s backpack. These items bring a piece of the Demon Slayer universe into the realm of Free Fire.

Mystery Shop Event Overview

The Mystery Shop is a recurring event in Free Fire, known for offering in-game cosmetics at discounted rates. The current iteration commenced on October 14, 2023, and will be active until October 20, 2023. A distinctive feature of this event is a spin mechanism, which determines the discount percentage players will receive on the available items.

Reward Structure

Upon spinning the wheel, players are directed to one of two available prize pools where they can spend their diamonds to acquire the rewards. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the rewards within each prize pool:

Prize Pool 1:

  • Nezuko Bundle (Grand Prize)

  • Room Card (1 Match)

  • Ink Hyperbook Crate

  • BP S3 Token Crate

  • BP S4 Token Crate

  • Weight Training emote

  • Crystal Giant (Top)

  • Gloo Wall – Stormbringer

  • Stereo Noisemaker (Bottom)

  • Goldrim King Backpack

  • Pug (pet)

  • Sports Car – Aurumdeus

  • Flaming Red Weapon Loot Crate

  • Midnight Mafia Weapon Loot Crate

Acquiring Grand Prizes

To unlock the grand prizes, players need to make purchases worth 99 diamonds. Once this criterion is met, the grand prizes from the respective prize pools become available for purchase.

Switching Between Prize Pools

Players have the option to switch between prize pools at a cost of ten diamonds. However, on securing the grand prize from their current pool, they will be automatically transitioned to the other pool.

Accessing the Mystery Shop Event

To participate in the Mystery Shop event, players need to:

  1. Launch Free Fire on their mobile device.

  2. Navigate to the Events section.

  3. Locate and tap on the Mystery Shop.

  4. Hit the Go button to enter the event.

  5. Spin the wheel to discover the discount percentage.

  6. Begin purchasing the desired rewards with the available diamonds.

This limited-time event provides an opportunity for players to secure exclusive Demon Slayer-themed items at discounted prices, enhancing their Free Fire gaming experience.