How to Master the Gyroscope in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most played battle royale mobile games in India. It offers a variety of features which makes the game easy to learn and master even for beginner players. One of the most important features in BGMI is the Gyroscope. There are two kinds of Gyroscope in BGMI, Scope on and Full Gyroscope. 

As the name suggests the Scope on Gyroscope only works when a player opens the Aim Down Sight (ADS) on his weapon and the Full Gyroscope helps a player to control the overall movement of the character.

Tips to master the Gyroscope in BGMI

Players who use the Full Gyroscope are able to control the movements of their character and their weapons without having to touch their screen. The only buttons these players require are the fire and movement buttons as aiming at the enemies can be done by tilting the mobile device in that direction.

These are some of the tips to master Gyroscope in BGMI:

  • The Gyroscope sensitivity is the most important aspect for mastering the Gyroscope. Choose a sensitivity that is comfortable to track enemies and shift your aim from one enemy to another. Players can lookout for an esports athlete’s Gyroscope sensitivity and then can customize it according to their liking and comfort.

  • Players need to enable the aim assist option in order to achieve accuracy while taking fights. Aim assist as the term suggests aids the player in being more precise without having to severely practice aim training. It also helps a player to hit headshots consistently. 

  • Players will have to practice using the Gyroscope in the training ground. They will have to get used to moving their aim using the mobile device without touching the screen. There are several tasks in the training ground such as tracking enemies and shifting aim which shall allow players to practice the Gyroscope and achieve precision.

  • Use the best attachments to achieve the best possible result. Weapons such as the M416, Scar-L and UMP45 are used in mid to long range battles and can be easily mastered with the right weapons. If players use the appropriate attachments it will be easy to use the Gyroscope in long range battles and deliver precise sprays.

Mastering the Gyroscope is a difficult task and requires a lot of skill and practice. Players aspiring to become an esports athlete should turn on Full Gyroscope as it helps to increase mobility and reaction time.