How to Use Promo Diamonds in ML 2024

How to Use Promo Diamonds in ML 2024

The Promo Diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) have officially kicked off as part of the ALLSTAR 2024 event. Players can complete tasks daily to claim these special currencies which can be used to offset the price of most items and skins in the in-game shop or specific draw events. The ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds in ML can only be used on a specific date but players can start collecting them as early as 25th March 2024. Players can only collect a limited amount so it is best to claim as much as they can every day until the event ends.

Here is what you need to know about the ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds in ML, how to use them, and when they can be used.

When is the next Promo Diamonds in ml 2024?

The Promo Carnival is currently ongoing and will last until 10th April 2024. Over the duration of the ALLSTAR 2024, players can claim ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds in ML that can be used to purchase skins for as low as 1 Diamond.

Completing daily quests will reward players with a special currency that can only be used when the main event arrives.

How to use Promo Diamonds in ML

Players can use the ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds in Mobile Legends as a substitute for regular Diamonds. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it;

Take note that 1 Promo Diamond in ML holds the same value as 1 regular Diamond. To reduce the skin price to its minimum, players should ensure they have an ample supply. In cases of insufficient funds, the item or skin can still be acquired at a discounted rate, determined by the quantity of the special currency used as compensation.

Skins can only be reduced down to 1 Diamond minimum. Some special skins like the the SPARKLE Estes and Fredrinn can only be purchased for a minimum of 100 Diamonds.

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