Janhvi Kapoor Gave A Fitting Reply To A Troll Who Made Fun Of Her Shoulder Injuries!


Janhvi Kapoor, a prominent Bollywood actress, has been busy with promotional events for her latest film, “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi,” co-starring Rajkummar Rao. In the film, Janhvi plays ‘Mahima Mahi Aggarwal,’ a doctor who becomes a cricketer with her husband’s support. The 27-year-old actress recently shared the challenges she faced while getting into character for the movie, directed by Sharan Sharma.

Janhvi Kapoor Slams Troll Who Made Fun of Her Shoulder Injuries: 'Mazak  Udane Se Pehle Agar...' - News18

Janhvi Kapoor Shares Her Grueling Preparation for “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi”

Janhvi posted a video on Instagram highlighting her journey during the filming of “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi.” The video showcases her enduring over 150 days of training, during which she suffered multiple injuries. In one scene, she is seen with bandages on her shoulder while practicing batting with tennis balls. The video also announced the film’s release date: May 31, 2024.

A Troll Questions Janhvi’s Injuries, She Responds

When Janhvi shared the video, a troll questioned how she could get injured playing with a tennis ball, saying, “Tennis ball me v injury hone laga.” Janhvi didn’t hold back and replied, “Injury season ball se hui thi, injuries ke baad tennis ball se khelna pada. Bandages dekhenge to samajh jayenge ke yeh saare videos injuries ke baad hain.” She further added, “Mazak udane se pehle agar video theek se dekh le te toh shayad main bhi aapke joke pe hasti.” The troll later apologized, saying, “Sorry ma’am.”

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article 2024515118464267602000

Amid the trolling, Janhvi’s boyfriend, Shikhar Pahariya, showed his support by commenting, “The best of the best,” with heart-eyed emojis and red hearts. Many others also praised Janhvi for her dedication to her role.

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Janhvi Kapoor Confirms Relationship with Shikhar Pahariya

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Janhvi Kapoor had earlier confirmed her relationship with Shikhar Pahariya on Karan Johar’s talk show, “Koffee With Karan,” where she affectionately referred to him as ‘Shiku.’ She also wore a ‘Shiku’ diamond-studded necklace at the premiere of “Maidaan” on April 9, 2024, and mentioned that they have been each other’s support system since their teenage years.

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