Kaashvi Hopes to Inspire Female Content Creators

Kaashvi Hiranandani is one of the well known content creators in India and she also live streams on a daily basis on her Youtube channel. She is known for her entertaining live streams where she plays various games like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Valorant. She makes content with other creators under the S8UL banner which recently won the Content Creator of the Year award at the Esports Awards 2023. 

In a recent interview, Kaashvi talked about some of her favorite teams in BGMI, how LAN events are different from normal tournaments and how female content creators can grow in the content creation space.

Kaashvi shares her experience at the LAN events and talks about female content creators 

In an exclusive interview with AFK Gaming, Kaashvi shared her experience of the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 LAN event and talked about the growth of female creators. 

Kaashvi was asked about the BMPS 2023 LAN event and how she felt visiting the event to which she responded, “The LAN event vibe is totally different. This is my second LAN event, previously I went to the BGIS 2023 LAN event but this event and the Ahmedabad audience has been a great experience.”

When asked about her favorite team at the LAN event, she said, “All of the teams are my favorite but some of my personal favorites are Team Soul, Team XSpark and 8Bit.”

Kaashvi was asked about female content creators getting less opportunities these days to which she replied, “From my perspective, female content creators are getting more opportunities now. Because there aren’t too many female creators, you can start creating content and you will be easily noticed and this is the right time to start. I think almost forty percent of BGMI players are female so I personally want to see more females in the competitive as well as the content creation space. I want to see female players dominating at the LAN events.”

Kaashvi was asked, after having achieved so much was there any dream which is still unfulfilled for her to which she responded, “I don’t have any such dream which is unfulfilled but as a content creator the only thing I want is that I make good content for the audience.”

Kaashvi has garnered a massive fan following in a very short period of time due to her entertaining streams and she has also inspired a number of upcoming female streamers and creators as well.