MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.8.48 Unveils Revamped Gloo Can Now Control Enemy Movement

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang Patch 1.8.48 (MLBB) leaks unveiled some interesting adjustments for the hero Gloo. The advanced server of the game implemented a new effect for the hero’s Ultimate ability, allowing it to briefly control the movement of the enemy hero Gloo is attached to. In the MLBB advanced server patch 1.8.48, Gloo can keep his Ultimate ability active as long as it can successfully take down an enemy while attached. However, a few effects have also been removed to keep the hero from overperforming. 

Here are more details about the Gloo buff in the MLBB Patch 1.8.38 leaks from the advanced server of the game.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.48 Revamped Gloo details

The recent update in the Mobile Legends advanced server patch 1.8.48 showcased a new and improved version of Gloo. 

One unique change to the hero’s abilities is its Ultimate which now allows enemy hero movement control. This can only be done if Gloo is attached to an enemy hero after applying 5 Sticky stacks. 

In exchange for the new effect, Gloo no longer passes down the damage it is receiving to its host. The duration was also reduced from 9 seconds to only 5 seconds. This means, players will only have a small window of time to apply Sticky Stacks to its next target if they want to extend the duration of their Ultimate.

Gloo also leaves the host as Goos if the host dies while it is attached to them. Goos cannot cast any skill except attaching itself to a new host. This adds a small handicap for Gloo players as they cannot do anything other than find a host until their Ultimate ability expires. This also allows Gloo to keep attaching to as many enemy heroes as they can with the right combo.

Keep in mind that you still need to apply 5 Sticky Stacks on enemies for Gloo to attach itself to them.

For players who are curious to see Gloo’s revamped Ultimate for the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.48 update, here is a showcase by data miner, Halloaceunyil.