What are Perks in COD: Mobile & How to Choose the Best Ones?

Perks in COD: Mobile are passive benefits that provide advantages to players in multiplayer modes. Perks are separated into three categories: Red, Green, and Blue. Perk slots unlock at levels 4, 6, and 12, and players can equip three perks at a time on their loadout, one of each color when they hit level 12.  With more than 35 perks to choose from, understanding their roles is crucial for optimizing your gameplay. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of CODM perks, exploring their categories and recommending the best ones based on different playstyles.

The Role of Different Type of Perks in COD: Mobile

As we mentioned, CODM perks are categorized into three types: red, green, and blue. Red perks focus on movement, utilities, and resistance. Green perks enhance combat and survival abilities, while blue perks provide support, counterplay, and streak benefits.

How to unlock all the Perks in COD: Mobile?

While the general ones you can unlock by simply levelling up in the game, there are special ones that you can either purchase in credit shop by using Credit Points. Earn enough credits by playing the game daily and you can earn them for absolutely free. Also, you will find some that may appear with ‘Stay Tuned’ mentioned under them. These you can unlock overtime once they appear in the credit store or comes as part of a seasonal event.

Best Perks for Aggressive Search and Destroy Players:

For players who adopt an aggressive Search and Destroy (SND) playstyle, certain perks can provide a strategic advantage. Lightweight (Red) offers a 5% movement speed bonus, Gung-Ho (Green) allows for hip-firing and reloading while running, and Quick Fix (Green) triggers health regeneration after a kill. The blue perk Dead Silence is recommended to reduce footstep noise and become more stealthy. Situational perks like Restock and Hardwire can also prove valuable.

Perks for Passive Search and Destroy Players:

Players who prefer a slower and safer approach in SND should consider perks like Skulker for increased movement speed while walking, crouching, and strafing, Toughness to battle hit flinch, and Dead Silence to catch enemies off guard. These perks cater to a more methodical and patient gameplay style.

Perks for Respawn Game Modes:

In respawn game modes, where the action is intense and varied, players have a broader range of perks to choose from. For those who enjoy roaming, getting kills, and clearing objectives, Skulker or Lightweight for extra mobility, Tactician for additional tactical utility, and Dauntless to counter disabled perks are recommended. Quick Fix, Dead Silence, and Tactical Mask are also suggested for increased survival.

Perks for Anchor or Objective Players:

Players taking on the role of an anchor or objective-focused player should prioritize perks like Fast Recover to boost health recovery, Flag Jacket to reduce damage from explosives, and Ghost to stay hidden from enemy UAVs. Toughness and Hardline can further enhance their defensive capabilities and scorestreak efficiency.

In COD: Mobile, the right combination of perks can be a game-changer, elevating your gameplay and contributing to your team’s success. Whether you prefer an aggressive, passive, or objective-oriented playstyle, understanding the benefits of each perk category allows you to tailor your loadout for maximum effectiveness. Experiment with different combinations and find the perks that suit your individual preferences and strengths on the battlefield. You can also check out more of our COD: Mobile guide from here.