Mobile Legends Guinevere Guide: Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More

This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Guinevere build guide will focus on how to optimize the hero’s potential by offering recommendations for items, emblems, and Battle Spells to enhance your gameplay. The recent updates and hero adjustments allowed some heroes who were previously overlooked to become viable in the meta. This is why a lot of players are looking to know the best Guinevere build and revamped emblems as well as how to play her properly. She is also one of the .

Here is a Mobile Legends Guinevere build guide, including her best items, revamped emblems, Battle Spells, and more.

Skill 1: Energy Wave

Guinevere releases an energy orb in the target direction, dealing Magic Damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them. Successfully hitting an enemy reduces all her skill cooldowns.

Skill 2: Spatial Migration

Guinevere thumps at the target location and deals Magic Damage and slows enemies within it. Enemy heroes and creeps hit will be knocked airborne for 1 second and take additional Magic Damage.

After casting, Guinevere can reactivate the skill to blink toward the target direction and leave an illusion behind. If the illusion takes damage, it restores Super Magic for Guinevere and will explode, dealing Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

Ultimate: Violet Requiem

Guinevere creates a force field around her, attacking nearby enemies multiple times, dealing Magic Damage. If the enemy hit is already airborne, they will be knocked airborne again. Guinevere is immune to crowd control while casting this skill.

Best Guinevere Build in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended build for Guinevere in MLBB;

Best Guinevere Emblem in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended Revamped Emblem for Guinevere in MLBB;

Best Battle Spell for Guinevere in Mobile Legends

Here are the suggested Battle Spells for Guinevere in MLBB;