New Units In the Indian Faction in Road to Valor: Empires

Krafton’s casual PVP game Road to Valor: Empires has been taking mobile gaming world by storm for quite sometime now. It is a real-time strategy game where you can compete with other players around the globe while commanding mythical gods, beasts, heroes, and army units.

The gameplay revolves around building a really strong deck to form an undefeatable garrison to win battles online against your opponents. Guardians and Battle Units make the crux of the game and there are different civilizations or factions to choose from for players.

In a recent update, Krafton has added three new units to the Indian faction that are sure to make your army powerful and diverse than ever before.

Here’s all you need to know about these new units in the Indian civilization in Road to Valor: Empires.

New Indian Faction Units Arrive In Road to Valor: Empires

Krafton, in a press release, wrote, “Are you ready to experience the thrill of battle with the Indian Faction in Road To Valor: Empires? The latest update brings you three new characters that will make your army even more powerful and diverse.

The three new units in the game are as follows:

  • Garuda

  • Pishachini

  • Yali Vahana

Describing Garuda, Krafton said, “Meet Garuda, the ruler of the sky who can unleash a storm of feathers to damage enemies and buildings.”

The publisher said Pishachini is the black witch in the game who has the ability to summon a cursed cat to immobilize her foes.

Lastly, Yali Vahana, the mystical statue, can revive fallen allies and keep them fighting.

Road to Valor: Empires – Abilities of Garuda, Pishachini & Yali Vahana

Here are the abilities of the new Indian faction units in Road to Valor: Empires:


According to Krafton, Garuda is the ruler of the sky who watches for enemy threats and guards his allies. Krafton adds, “If anyone threatens his allies on the battlefield, his feathers rain down to punish them with a vicious storm.”

Active Skill 

  • Wrath of the Sky: Fires feathers from the sky 10 times on deployment. Each feather deals 75 damage to enemies and 28 damage to buildings

  • Gust: Increases the number of attacks with each attack

Passive Skill


Pishachini is the black witch who walks through the dark forest. She additionally enjoys tormenting her enemies using the soul of her cursed cat called Luna. Her abilities are as follows:

Active Skill: 

Passive Skill:

Yali Vahana

About Yali Vahana, Krafton said, “As a statue imbued with mystical energy, it revives the souls of fallen warriors and aids them in continuing to lead in battle. Though their bodies may fall, their resilient souls and spirits shall remain unbroken.

Active Skill: 

Passive Skill:

The other units in the mighty Indian faction in Road to Valor: Empires are as follows:

  • Amaira (Guardian)

  • Ageera (Guardian)

  • Zorawar

  • Royal Dancers

  • Maharathi