BGMI Community Speaks up Against Teams Cheating in BMPS 2023

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 event is ongoing and has stirred a lot of controversy after the conclusion of the league stage. Many teams and players have been accused of cheating and using unethical means to achieve success. A few of the players in the league stage of BMPS 2023 also faced live bans on stream while the matches were ongoing.

A number of esports athletes who are playing in the ongoing BMPS 2023 event have talked about the issue of some of the teams using hacks and cheating in the league stages to gain unfair advantages.

Esports athletes take a stand against teams cheating in BMPS 2023

Recently in a live stream, . Now some more esports athletes have come forward and shared their thoughts on the issue.

Rishabh “Encore” Katoch from Medal Esports shared his thoughts and wrote, “If the team doesn’t get banned even after so many proofs being provided then I think it will be the end of BGMI. The players who are not hacking now will also use it to qualify for upcoming events.” 

Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh wrote on his Instagram, “In today’s time it is difficult to trust anyone and the way it is going, all the players will cheat from the next tournament because no action will be taken even on the live ban. There will be more room for cheaters like these and upcoming players will also qualify by cheating because this is what happens here.”

Rahul “Novaking” Dhankar an ex esports athlete also shared his views on the issue and wrote, “Either cheaters get what they deserve or the game is going to die soon, harsh but bitter truth. I don’t even feel like watching tournaments now.”

Hamza “Blaze” Hyderabadwala from Gods Reign talked about the issue and said, “Its high time everyone in IGC [Indian Gaming Community] takes a stand together against hackers or else it will affect our careers too in the later future. Actions need to be taken on cheating. It’s really sad to see many deserving teams not able to compete on such big platforms like BMPS because of few hackers.”

He also shared a message to teams playing the BMPS 2023 Grand Finals and said, “At Least what I expect from my friends and players who are qualified for BMPS to take a stand together and with unity take action there. You guys know who is playing fair and who is not. Today we were not able to qualify for the event but tomorrow it can be you. It’s best for the future that you guys take a stand now.”

Many more esports athletes also spoke about the issue of teams cheating in the league stage of BMPS 2023 but no response has been provided from Krafton. The Grand Finals of BMPS 2023 are about to start and some of the teams who are accused have qualified for the event. It will be interesting to see if anyone takes a stand against these teams at the event.