Pokemon Unite Decidueye Build You Need To Try

Decidueye is a popular pick in Pokemon Unite for players who are aiming for a more offensive playstyle. It is picked by those who want to go on an attacking spree and carry their team. It boasts an incredibly high attacking speed combined with a high critical rate. Combined with its ability to spot and attack enemies half a mile away, this is an ultimate buster for enemies.

The best Pokemon Unite Decidueye Build depends on the playstyle you are going for. If you wish to be at the front of your roster, carrying the team, then a hyper-carry build is more suitable. It is important to note that Decidueye has limited mobility and a weak defense. Therefore, it is important to choose your build cautiously.

However, if played properly, Decidueye is considered one of the best Pokemon in the game.

Decidueye in Pokemon Unite: All You Need to Know

Decidueye is a grass or ghost type Pokemon which is the final version of Rowlet. It was first introduced in Pokemon: Sun and Moon. Decidueye is a Ranged Attacker, best used for inflicting maximum damage on opponents. It is also a Pokemon with a heavy build and lacks mobility. As a result, it is mostly chosen in teams with all-rounder Pokemon that can protect it while it thrashes the enemies from the backline.

Decidueye starts as Rowlet in level 1, upgrades to Dartrix at level 5 and then to its final form in level 7. One must choose Decidueye’s build with caution, owing to its lack of defense and limited mobility, as mentioned earlier.

Best Held Items for Decidueye in Pokemon Unite

The best held items for Decidueye include Muscle Band and Buddy Barrier. If you are able to carry a third item with you, then we’d recommend either Focus Band or Scope Lens.

  • Muscle Band – This gear is efficient in increasing damage output against important map objectives, including Drednaw and Zapdos. This item also inflicts extra damage on the enemy Pokemon.

  • Buddy Barrier – This item provides bonus HP to Decidueye early in the game. This helps it last longer in the battlefield, at least long enough for it to throw out the Unite move, Nock, Nock.

  • Focus Band/ Scope Lens – If you are a lone wolf on the battlefield, then opting for the Focus Band would be a wise choice. It will help you stay longer in the battleground. On the other hand, if you have your teammates to back you, then going for long-range attacks is the way to go. For this, you will need the Scope Lens to crank up your damage to its maximum potential.

Best Battle Items for Decidueye in Pokemon Unite

Eject Button and X Attack are highly recommended battle items for Decidueye in Pokemon Unite. Here is why:

  • Eject Button – Making up for its lack of mobility, Eject Button is an obvious choice for Decidueye. It helps players escape unfavorable situations quickly.

  • X Attack – This item boosts Decidueye’s attack speed, further enhance the attack sector of this Pokemon. It also increases the attack damage, making Razor Leaf a great pick with this item.

Best Moves for Decidueye in Pokemon Unite

Players who opt for Decidueye have a critical choice to make when it comes to choosing a move. Your playstyle changes when you make a choice between choosing Razor Leaf and Spirit Shackle. Choosing Razor Leaf means you are opting for a traditional carry gameplay, attacking your opponents incessantly with razor leaves. Spirit Shackle, on the other hand makes use of the range attacking ability, taking your offensive prowess to the next level.

You can go for either gameplay, depending on your preference and pair it with Shadow Sneak.