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James Bond is making a return sooner than later in the new Project 007 game being developed by IO Interactive, the popular company behind the Hitman series. What’s exciting, is IO Interactive goes above and beyond with their titles, giving fans some of the most realistic graphics and intense gameplay possible.

Having a James Bond game mirror the best parts of the Hitman series will be nothing short of amazing. But how much do we actually know about the new James Bond game, Project 007?

Here is everything we know about Project 007, the upcoming James Bond game being developed by IO Interactive.

When Will Project 007 Release?

As of now, there is no definite release date for Project 007. In fact, all we have of the game so far is just a small teaser trailer, that doesn’t actually show any gameplay. The trailer also was released three years ago, so many fans are just hoping for a little bit more news to keep them satisfied.

Still, though, while many are not expecting Project 007 to release in 2024, many hope to at least get a bit more news surrounding the game. The teaser released was hyped up pretty heavily by fans, so people are begging for more.

The game will more than likely not be released this year, but we may see a 2025 release.

Will Project 007 be Playable On Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch?

Project 007, which is being developed on the Glacier 2 Engine, will luckily be playable on most consoles. This includes the Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

When the game was first announced, it was announced to be playable for the PS4. This obviously will be different when it comes out, and will most certainly be playable on the PS5 instead.

But what about the Nintendo Switch?

Sadly, while there isn’t any exact information released on whether or not the game will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch, it will more than likely not. Glacier 2 Engine is a pretty hefty game developing software, and getting Nintendo Switch to support it is unlikely.

Still, there may be a chance. With the rumors of a Switch 2 coming out soon, we might see a stronger system that could support Project 007.

Will the Game be Based On the Movies?

No, the game will not be based off of any James Bond movies or books. Project 007 was announced to be its own original story. There will be no reprisals from the movies’ different actors.

So when exactly will Project 007 take place? Well, IO Interactive has actually released a small bit of information regarding the game’s place on the James Bond timeline.

Project 007 Everything We Know About the New James Bond

Project 007 will be more about the popular spy’s origin story, giving gamers a look into exactly what made Bond the man he is today. This is a new take on the James Bond stories, and will most certainly be extremely interesting.

Will Project 007 be Multiplayer?

While there is no information on whether or not Project 007 will be multiplayer, it can pretty much be implied that it will be. Every James Bond game in the past has had some sort of multiplayer mode, especially after the success of GoldenEye.

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But will the game be multiplayer co-op? Or will there be a specific multiplayer mode dedicated to fighting your friends or enemies online? It would certainly be a first to add online multiplayer to a James Bond game, but not necessarily unexpected.

We should at least expect some sort of multiplayer, whether it’s online or a co-op mode, so be prepared to play with your friends.

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