PUBG Mobile 2.9 Update: Tips and Tricks You Must Know

The 2.9 update introduces exciting features and a themed game mode called Frozen Kingdom, available on Erangel, Livik, and Vikendi. Like all previous themed modes, the battlegrounds have undergone some serious transformations which may catch you off-guard if you lack knowledge of the new mechanics. While some features carry a resemblance from the previous charismas updates, in In this article, we will unravel the unique elements of 2.9 update by exploring the Snowy Village, Snowball Blaster tactics, Snow Blast Zone dangers, and the new Full Auto Attachment for DMRs.

Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile 2.9 Update

Snowy Village & Castle

Within Stalber, players can now discover the transformed Snowy Village with a central castle, houses, and a frozen lake. By ringing the Lucky Bell atop the Snowy Village Castle, players can summon a special airdrop containing double the loot of a normal drop. Players need to aware this also alerts all the nearby players and should be ready for an ambush.

Snowball Blaster

The update introduces the Snowball Blaster, a new weapon that occupies the pistol slot. This weapon shoots snow, turning enemies into temporary snowmen, rendering them unable to use their weapons for 10 seconds. Players can strategically use it to block windows and doors, providing cover and surprises during combat.

Players can utilize the Snowball Blaster tactically – obstruct enemy views, create cover, and surprise opponents. Firing it five times creates substantial cover, enduring numerous bullets before breaking. Use this cover to spring surprise attacks from second-story buildings.

Players also use it on Live Grenades and Molotovs by covering the area of impact with snow. Do note that it requires multiple shots of the Snowball Blaster to give yourself enough elevation to protect yourself from burn damage.

Creating a snow cover can also protect the players from getting run over by vehicles, which in turn can also throw enemy drivers off-guard. Wait for opponents drivers to get close enough then surprise by blocking their car with snow. Once they crash or get thrown in the air, spray them down with ease.

The Snowball blaster also freezes water which players can use to cross rivers or submerged lands without having to swim.

Additional Discoveries in PUBG Mobile 2.9 Update

Explore the map to find the Lucky Ice, yielding excellent loot including the Snowball Blaster. Encounter the two-seater special vehicle, Reindeer, aiding swift travel across the Snowy Village. Snowy Hamlet, a cluster of small houses connected by snow rails, offers decent loot for a few squads.

Snowman Quest & Snow Blast Zone

Discover Lucky Snowmen scattered across the map, bringing them together to receive rewarding loot. Beware of the changed Red Zones, now transformed into Snow Blast Zones, where massive snow piles descend from the sky. Be cautious; if hit by falling snow, you’ll transform into a snowman for a while.

Full Auto Attachment for DMRs

One significant addition is the full auto attachment for DMRs. While it exhibits a slower rate compared to single-tapping, it may cater to specific playstyles.

It’s better to use the full auto attachments for engagements in mid to long range because the slowed fire rate does mitigate your chances against other guns or players.

This new attachment is intended to befit players who use gyro for whom repeated screen tapping makes it often hard to stay accurate in long-ranges.