Rising Stars: Emerging Teams to Watch in BGMI Team Rankings

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) being one of the most popular battle royale mobile games in India has provided a lot of players and teams a chance to showcase their skills and abilities through its esports platform. There are various events through which players can put forth their best performances for the fans and viewers to enjoy. Upcoming teams and players have a chance to impress the fans through official BGMI events arranged by Krafton. The upcoming teams can qualify from the open qualifiers and compete with Tier 1 (T1) teams.

Who are the Rising Stars on the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings?

The Team Rankings are made for the fans, the teams, and the players to keep a close eye on the overall performance across multiple tournaments. In this article we will talk about the teams that have been impressive in recent BGMI events and those who are likely to climb up the charts in upcoming events.

Big Brother Esports

Even though Big Brother Esports is placed in the top 5 of the BGMI Team Rankings, it is one of the teams to watch out for in upcoming BGMI events. The team is filled with young and talented athletes. It made its mark in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 event where it was able to dominate against Tier 1 teams and grab the second spot in the event’s LAN Grand Finals.

Third World Mafia (TWM) Gaming 

TWM Gaming is the second squad which fans should keep an eye on. The squad is placed at the 15th spot on the BGMI Team rankings but has impressed the fans with its aggressive yet controlled gameplay. The squad first came to light in BGIS 2023 where it placed 8th in the LAN Grand Finals.

WSB Gaming

The WSB Gaming squad is placed 18th on the BGMI Team Rankings. The squad has many upcoming talents including the likes of Scream and Zeref who left a significant impression on fans after BGIS 2023. The squad as a whole had a decent performance in BGIS 2023 and has been consistent in third party tournaments.


GlitchxReborn is one of the few teams that performed significantly better after qualifying from the open qualifiers of BGIS 2023. It is placed 21st on the BGMI Team Rankings. It was consistent throughout the League Stages of BGIS 2023 and grabbed a spot in the LAN Grand Finals to eventually place 11th in the overall standings.

MICI Esports

The MICI Esports squad rose through the ranks after qualifying for the BGIS 2023 main event. It is one of the emerging teams that has shown consistent gameplay across events. It was able to showcase its skills for the first time in the BGIS 2023 LAN event in front of a large audience, after which it garnered a large following.

The are a great way for fans to keep up with their favorite teams’ performance and gain insight into emerging teams’ performance.