How to Control Weapon Recoil in BGMI (2024)

How to Control Weapon Recoil in BGMI (2024)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers various categories of weapons and the only common feature among them is the recoil. To control a weapon’s recoil, players need to master the weapon they are using and to maintain stability while controlling recoil players will not only need different kinds of attachments like Foregrip and Muzzle attachments, but players will also need to learn some techniques which will help to reduce recoil significantly.

What is recoil in BGMI and how to control it?

There are two types of recoil in BGMI, vertical and horizontal. The vertical recoil in BGMI is when the gun moves in the upwards direction while firing bullets. To control the vertical recoil players need to push down on the screen which will help to fire bullets in a straight line while the horizontal recoil is unpredictable. Weapons like AKM and M762, which use 7.62mm ammunition, tend to have higher recoil than weapons like M416 and ScarL, which use 5.56mm ammo, which have comparatively less recoil allowing for easier mastery.

  • Attachments: Use Muzzle attachments such as compensator and flash hider, and Grip attachments like Vertical grip, Angled foregrip or Half grip. These attachments will help you to reduce recoil significantly and master weapons like M416 and ScarL to secure mid and long range finishes with ease and precision.

  • Aim Assist: The Aim Assist feature in BGMI is provided for beginners as well as skilled players in order to maintain stability in long range fights and secure knock downs or finishes. This feature helps to maintain precision only if players have dealt some damage to the enemy while firing bullets. This feature can be activated by turning on the Aim Assist option in the settings.

  • Prone and shoot: In long-range battles precision matters the most, players can use the prone and shoot technique and fire bullets to reduce recoil and have precision in long range fights. This technique can be useful in each map of BGMI but can be most effective in bigger maps like Erangel and Miramar.

Recoil control is a very important aspect in mid and long range fights. If players want to see improvements at a faster rate they should practice regularly with the attachments, grips and the techniques mentioned above in the training ground

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