Road to Vostok: Stunning Survival Shooter Has a New Demo Out Now

Road to Vostok: Stunning Survival Shooter Has a New Demo Out Now

Road to Vostok’s long-awaited ‘Demo 2′ is finally here and players are revelling in the depth that has been made available by the game’s solo developer. In a sizeable six-minute trailer, we’re given a broad look at what’s available in Road to Vostok’s latest demo, which includes more than a glimpse at the survival FPS’ core gameplay loop. From weapon customisation to looting, and from preparing to cross the border into a permadeath region to tantalising survival mechanics, Road to Vostok’s second demo is expansive, exhilarating, and a perfect look at what’s coming soon.

It’s a Tarkov Competitor

Road to Vostok is being built almost single-handedly by a solo developer who has always remained transparent and open about the effort being put into the game. I’ve been fortunate enough to catch up with him on numerous occasions and have always been blown away by his sheer dedication to the project, which is one of my most highly-anticipated games and one of Steam’s most wanted titles.

In ‘Public Demo 2’ for Road to Vostok, the following mechanics and features are available:

  • 4 Demo Maps
  • 1 Crossing Point
  • 15 Animated Weapons
  • 100 Items
  • FPS Mechanics
  • AI System
  • Looting System
  • Shelter System
  • Trading System
  • Medical System
  • Permadeath
  • Demo Settings

There have been plenty of comparisons drawn between Escape from Tarkov and Road to Vostok, and I openly welcome them. I’m a huge Tarkov fan and while I can see the similarities between the two products, Road to Vostok excites me for different reasons. I’m mostly looking forward to Road to Vostok because it’s a single-player title. I am hugely appreciative of the intended gameplay loop and as a ‘looty shooty’ fan, the balance between intense gunplay and looting on the go while survival speaks to me so clearly.

Antti, the game’s developer, advised that users complete a clean install of the Road to Vostok Demo rather than booting straight into the demo product that they might have previously installed.

It’s available here on Steam.

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