Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Semifinals Day 1: Overall Standings, Overview & More

Day 1 of Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Semi Finals has concluded. It was dominated by seasoned as well as upcoming teams like Team Soul, Orangutan Gaming, Midwave Esports, WSB Gaming and Entity. Several experienced teams like OR Esports, Gladiator Esports, Godlike Esports and Team X Spark had sub par performances on Day 1 and are placed at the bottom of the table.

Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Semifinals Day 1 Overview

Orangutan Gaming was placed first with 55 points and one chicken dinner. It was able to secure 16 finishes and 39 placement points. Team Soul dominated the first two matches of the day and grabbed back to back chicken dinners. It was placed second with 50 points and two chicken dinners including 20 finish points. Midwave Esports, an upcoming team placed third with 50 points for a good balance of placement and finish points. Entity placed fourth with 46 points and one chicken dinner. WSB Gaming, one of the consistent teams in recent times also put forth some good fights and was placed fifth with 45 points and one chicken dinner. 

Gods Reign showed aggressive gameplay and was placed sixth in the points table with 44 points including 30 finish points. Team Empire, an underdog squad also put forth good fights against experienced teams and was placed seventh with 40 points. The seasoned squad of Numen Gaming placed eighth overall with 40 points. Blind Esports was able to secure a chicken dinner and 32 total points but was placed on the ninth spot as it had below average performance in the other three matches. Marcos Gaming had a few good matches and secured 29 points and was placed on the tenth spot. Team Insane, Obey Esports and Insane Esports had an average day and were able to grab 26 points each. 

Several Experienced teams like Gladiator Esports, OR Esports and Godlike Esports were not able to perform up to the mark and are placed on the 20th, 22nd and 23rd spots respectively. Fans are hoping these teams will make a comeback on Day 2 and continue their momentum to grab a spot in the Grand Finals.