Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024: Teams and Dates Revealed

Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024: Teams and Dates Revealed

The Snapdragon Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Pro Series is a premier event in India’s BGMI circuit, boasting a substantial prize pool of INR 1 Crore. The tournament opened with over 2,000 slots for emerging teams in the open qualifiers, structured into three stages: Conquest, Challenge Season, and Challenge Final. The initial Conquest stage encompasses both the open qualifiers and finals, followed by the invitation of 24 established teams to participate in the subsequent stage.

Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024: All You Need to Know

Following the conclusion of the Open Qualifiers, the top 16 teams have advanced to the Conquest Open Finals. These finals, slated for January 6th and 7th, 2024, will see the teams vying for eight spots in the Challenge Season. The successful teams will then join 24 invited teams in this next phase.

The top 16 teams competing in the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series Open Finals are:

  1. 4 Aggressive Man

  2. Team Insane

  3. Team Together Esports

  4. NONNX Esports

  5. Grind One Esports

  6. Wingod Esports

  7. Optimum Esports

  8. Pyramid Esports

  9. Team Aaru

  10. Dream Team Esports

  11. Skulltz Esports

  12. Reckoning Esports

  13. UP50 Esports

  14. Aerobotz Esports

  15. 4Shot Esports

  16. Gujarat Tigers

In the Challenge Season, these top 8 teams will join the 24 invited teams, competing for a place in the Challenge Finals. The Challenge Finals, featuring the top 16 teams, will vie for the INR 1 Crore prize pool from February 16th to 18th, 2024.

Some of the teams invited to the Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series Challenge Season include:

  1. Chemin Esports

  2. Big Brother Esports

  3. Medal Esports

  4. WSB Gaming

  5. Entity Gaming

  6. Team Omega

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