Structure Void in Minecraft


Structure voids can be placed as part of a structure and ignored when the structure file is saved, resulting in the blocks at the location where the structure is placed being maintained and not overridden. For instance, if a player saves a two-block high structure with air at the top and a structure void at the bottom and loads it into a two-block high area of stone, the top block becomes air, but the bottom stays stone.


In Java Edition, structure void blocks have no collision box, but they have a small hitbox. Additionally, they are invisible, but they are displayed as red cubes when “Show invisible blocks” is turned on in Save mode inside a Structure Block. Blocks can replace structure voids, similar to snow and grass. A piston can move a structure void, but the structure void pushed by the piston will turn into air.

In Bedrock Edition, structure void block hitboxes are the same as a full block and appear when held by the player, similar to barriers. Unlike Java Edition, they can support blocks such as signs, torches, rails, and redstone wire. A piston cannot move a structure void. As there is no collision box, entities can pass through structure voids, although liquids cannot.


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