Suicide Squad Trophies Revealed in Full – Flizzyy

The Beginning of the End – The Ultimate Squad Platinum

Cleaning Out the Closet – Steal something useful from the Hall of Justice – Bronze

Hitting the Fan – Survive the Batman Experience – Bronze

Fowl Play – Recruit your first Support Squad member – Bronze

Walled In – Escape plan gone wrong – Bronze

Death Blooms – Recruit your second Support Squad member – Bronze

Blitzkrieg Bop – Destroy the Behemoth – Bronze

Thunderstruck! – Kill The Fastest Man Alive – Silver

Hell and Back – Rescue Lex Luthor – Bronze

Blackest Night – Kill The Green Lantern – Silver

Endgame – Kill The World’s Greatest Detective – Silver

Abandon All Hope – Kill The Man of Steel – Silver

Act of War – Complete your first Incursion Mission – Silver

No One Defeats Brainiac! – Kill The Collector of Worlds – Gold

Battle Lines – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 5 – Bronze

Killin’ Time – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 10 – Silver

Into the Angry Planet – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 15 – Silver

The Final Frontier – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 20 – Silver

Winged Vengeance – Complete the final Penguin Support Squad Mission – Bronze

War Machine – Complete the final Gizmo Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Welcome to the Jungle! – Complete the final Poison Ivy Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Managing People – Complete the final Rick Flag Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Your World is Mine! – Complete the final Lex Luthor Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Shock Treatment – Complete the final Hack Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Combine and Conquer – Complete the final Toyman Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Turn and Turn Again – Achieve 13 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges – Bronze

Their Dark Designs – Achieve 26 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges – Bronze

Blaze of Glory – Achieve 39 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges – Bronze

The Right Question – Solve 5 of Riddler’s Riddles – Bronze

The Real Deal – Solve 21 of Riddler’s Riddles – Bronze

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One – Collect 10 Riddler Trophies – Bronze

The Oldest One in the Book! – Collect 40 Riddler Trophies – Bronze

Level Up – Reach Level 10 with any Squad Member – Bronze

Harleen the Queen – Reach Max Level with Harley Quinn – Silver

King For A Day – Reach Max Level with King Shark – Silver

Captain Boomerang! Agent of Oz – Reach Max Level with Captain Boomerang – Silver

Lawton’s Last Stand – Reach Max Level with Deadshot – Silver

The Chosen One – Fully complete the Combat Flair checklist 5 times (Single Player Sessions Only) – Silver

Trial by Blood – Reach Squad Level 50 – Silver

Choices – Get Penguin to overhaul a piece of gear – Bronze

The Venom Connection – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 1 Infamy Set – Bronze

All sorts of Fun – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 2 Infamy Set – Bronze

The Reaper – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 3 Infamy Set – Silver

Trial by Fire – What the hell just happened? – Bronze

Choice of Evils – Unlock a Villain Synergy – Bronze

Grand Experiment – Get Toyman to Elite a piece of gear – Bronze

Forces in Motion – Get Poison Ivy to Supercharge the Affliction on a piece of gear – Bronze

Allies – Complete 50 Support Squad Contracts – Bronze

Number the Dead – Defeat 10 Raising Hell Hit Squads – Bronze

Need to Know – Complete 100 Support Squad Contracts – Bronze

History Repeats – Begin the Batman Experience – Bronze

Are you going to try and get the Platinum on Suicide Squad?

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