Team SouL: Performance Breakdown Through AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings

Team SouL is one of the most popular BGMI teams from India! They were also amongst the more successful teams in 2022 but ever since the game’s return in May 2023, the players have not had a smooth run. They’ve struggled to find the form that made them the undisputed best team in the country.

AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings are a reflection of Team SouL’s journey this season, highlighting their inconsistencies in third-party competitions and poor showings at official tournaments.

The latest rankings which were updated on 21st November 2023 put Team SouL in the fifth position on the third-party leaderboard, in the ninth position on the overall leaderboard, and in the 57th position on the official leaderboard.

These rankings already provide us with a rough idea of how the season has progressed for Team SouL ever since the game’s return. Let’s further break things down and try to assess their movement on the leaderboards over these months, while shining a light on some key high and low moments.

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Journey of Team SouL in 2023 Through AFK Gaming’s BGMI Leaderboards

The return of BGMI was celebrated with a slew of third-party tournaments in the month of June where Team SouL managed to attain a couple of podium finishes but failed to register any wins.

Their journey started with a strong third-place finish in the Villager Esports DOMIN8R Series, followed by a couple of slow performances in BGMI Pro Scrims and Novum Overpower Series Season 1. 

However, the recovery came just in time for the crucial Skyesports Champions Series where Team SouL finished second and proved that they were still a top team.

Towards the end of June, a couple of unsatisfactory results were obtained across Fight Night Pro Scrims and Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown, but it did not affect the team all that much with more important tournaments on the horizon.

The collection of their performances in the month of June, which only consisted of third-party tournaments, resulted in Team SouL attaining a second-place finish on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings with a total score of 7.60.

Team SouL only competed in the first half of July and ended up playing nine tournaments in a span of 16 days.

Overall, the team performed fairly well during this time and even ended up winning its first BGMI tournament since the unban, Fight Night Season 5, which was hosted by Global Esports. Apart from this, Team SouL attained a top-four finish in Lidoma Battleground Invitational, Ranbhoomi Season 2, and Battle For Revolution Season 1.

However, during this time many other teams also performed really well, resulting in Team SouL slipping down to the fifth position on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings in the month of July with a total score of 11.08.

This was a much slower month for Team SouL who competed in only three tournaments and failed to attain a podium finish across all of them.

The team finished 13th in Upthrust Esports Survivors Throne Season 4 and 17th in BGMI Masters Series Season 2, but on the bright side, it managed to qualify for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 by attaining fifth place during The Grind.

The poor showing resulted in Team SouL slipping down to eighth position on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings for the month of August with a total score of 11.08.

An even scarce month when it came to competing in tournaments, Team SouL made a statement by winning the OS Invitational Season 1, lifting a trophy after many tournaments to revive its long-lost identity.

Unfortunately, the team could not replicate its performance during the Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 2 which was the subsequent tournament.

After stumbling for many months on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings, Team SouL managed to climb up to the seventh position in the month of September with a total score of 15.58.

Similar to last month, Team SouL started on a high by winning the Battle For Revolution Season 2, showing a lot of promise before the biggest tournament of the season, Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023.

The first official event of the year by Krafton was a disaster for the team as it crashed out with a 23rd-place finish, leaving the entire community in a state of shock.

Right after registering a short climb on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings, it was time for Team SouL to drop once again. The team finished in the tenth position with a total score of 21.58, its lowest dip on the leaderboards thus far.

Repeating the formula once again, Team SouL showed promise at the start of this month by placing fourth in back-to-back tournaments, Skyesports Championship 5.0 and Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023.

The team is currently competing in the second official tournament of the year, Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series 2023, playing fairly well as part of the blue group.

While there are still a few days left before the month officially ends, Team SouL has managed to budge itself up one rank and is currently in the ninth position on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings with a total score of 28.18.

There are only two official BGMI tournaments that have been organized by Krafton in 2023 till now, three if someone considers BMIS 2023: The Grind as a separate event instead of just another qualifier.

Team SouL has not been able to shine in the official tournaments till now due to which it has suffered on the official leaderboard.

However, when it comes to third-party tournaments, Team SouL has faced enough ups and downs along the six-month journey. The highest rank achieved by it is second while the lowest has been tenth in the overall and third-party leaderboard.

It will be interesting to see how Team SouL continues to perform in the ongoing BMPS 2023 and how it affects the team’s position on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings.