Free Fire Booyah Pass: January 2024 (Season 13) Leaked Rewards; Check Now

Garena’s Booyah Pass continues to reign as the favored avenue for Free Fire players to secure in-game items, undergoing regular updates introducing fresh sets of rewards each month. An exclusive leak has surfaced, unraveling the slated rewards for the Booyah Pass in January 2024 (Season 13), providing enthusiasts with a sneak peek into the forthcoming offerings.

Anticipated Launch and Details

Anticipations suggest that the Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 13 will make its grand entrance into the battle royale realm on January 1, 2024. Expected to span the entire month, its tenure will likely conclude on January 31, 2024.

Unveiling the Exclusive Rewards of Free Fire Januray Booyah Pass

The leak discloses that gamers will have the opportunity to acquire the prominent Electro Spark Bundle and Electro Whisper Bundle as primary costumes. Additionally, a diverse array of items, including an emote, backpack, and more, will be up for grabs.

Free Fire Booyah Pass January Rewards

Here’s a breakdown of the anticipated rewards players might obtain through the Free Fire Booyah Pass for January 2024 (Season 13):

  • Level 1: Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate and Kingfisher – Electro Enigma (30 days)

  • Level 10: Electro Spark Bundle and Electro Storage Loot Box

  • Level 20: Electri City Banner

  • Level 30: Grenade – Electro Surge

  • Level 40: Jeep – Electro Bumper

  • Level 50: Electro Shorts and Electro Whisper Bundle

  • Level 60: Electri City avatar and 4x BP S13 Tokens

  • Level 70: Electric Spitter Loot Box

  • Level 80: Electric Skyboard and 4x BP S13 Tokens

  • Level 90: 4x BP S13 Tokens

  • Level 91: M500 – Electro Enforcer

  • Level 100: Kingfisher – Electro Enigma and 4x BP S13 Tokens

  • Levels 105, 110, 115, 120, 125: 4x BP S13 Tokens

  • Level 130: Electro Moonblade

  • Level 135: 4x BP S13 Tokens

  • Level 140: Electro Owner Backpack

  • Level 150: Excellent Service emote and 12x BP S13 Tokens

  • Level 151 onwards: BP S13 Box as a repeatable reward at each subsequent level

Premium Pass Purchase Options and Cost

The premium variant grants access to a majority of the exclusive themed items. Players can opt for the Premium variant priced at 499 Diamonds or the Premium Plus variant for 999 Diamonds. Yet, the journey doesn’t culminate here, as accomplishing specific missions becomes pivotal in accruing BP EXP, facilitating level-ups, and unlocking the associated rewards.

Teased Additions: BP Ring and Luck Royale

Alongside the Free Fire Booyah Pass for January 2024, speculation surrounds the arrival of a new BP Ring. The Luck Royale process entails using diamonds for spins to procure the premium variant or gathering unique tokens to redeem the pass.