Top 5 best Minecraft Mode – Gun Mod for Minecraft Pe

Top 5 best Minecraft Mode | Gun Mod for Minecraft Pe

Top 5 best Minecraft Mode | Gun Mod for Minecraft Pe: Minecraft is one of the most popular gaming apps that comes with various options to customize and add-on properties. Video games take you to a different world and give you insane expertise.

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However, Minecraft’s original game and design are perfectly designed but sometimes users get bored of the same theme. To continue in-game with some new changes. To help players and keep their investment high Minecraft launched the Mod version. 

Now, wondering what Mod? 

Mod is just a Minecraft game with a theme applied to the entire game. For instance, Star Wars has various features and specifications that give you the feeling that you are in a Star Wars world. 

Not only this, there are several features, weapons, skins, and a lot of others that are customizable options. Just to introduce you to all the alternatives, we came with the list of Top 5 Gun Mod for Minecraft : 

Read below!! 

Here is the list of Top 5 Gun Mods for Minecraft along with the enhancement in gun features. 

Top 5 best Minecraft Mode | Gun Mod for Minecraft Pe

MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod – 

Top 5 best Minecraft Mode | Gun Mod for Minecraft Pe
Top 5 best Minecraft Mode | Gun Mod for Minecraft Pe

Features of MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod – 

MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod is the most popular model. Features of Gun Mod are really interesting and are worth investing time in. Check some reasons why you should try out MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod :

  • MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod has lots of guns, Pistol, Grenada, Heavy Rifle, and Machine assault. 
  • You can shoot any vanilla mob 
  • There are unique enchantments that allow you to create more powerful weapons 
  • One of the most unique things about MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod is its graphics, animation and it’s a unique experience. 
  • Another unique property of the game is that you can change the base property of the MrCrayFish Gun Model. 

Now, the add-on feature lets you create your ammo, weapons, and even projectile. 

Spectral Gun features – 

Screenshot 20220106 0701593

Spectral Gun Mode was available in an older version of Minecraft. You can’t use this feature in the current version but still, this mode is one of the notable modes available. How? 

Let’s explore what makes Spectral Gun features so unique! 


  • Spectral Gun has one of the most appreciating features, that is they allow users to choose the base property of the gun. 
  • A feature like choosing gun capability, range, and also the shooting range. 
  • Addons options let’s user enhance the property and features of the gun. You can amplify the power by adding various add-ons. 

Portal Gun Mod

Screenshot 20220106 0702082

Portal Gun Mod is an interesting mod.  There are quite interesting features in Portal Mod. Mod has been there for a long time. Have a look at the list of features available in Portal Gun Mod. 


  • The portal mod lets you move from one portal to another portal. 
  • Players with a portal gun can point at the portal and they will travel to that particular portal. 
  • Another important feature of Portal Gun Mod is that the mod is highly customizable. There are various options that let you change /edit the features of the gun. 
  • All in all, you can control the power and the properties of the gun. You must try if you are looking for some portal traveling features.

Modern Warfare Mod

Screenshot 20220106 0702122

Modern Warfare Mod is a unique Gun Mod that allows users to choose 3 D model Guns. Till we have discussed 3 D model gun for the first time. Read below to know more about the features of the gun mod: 


  • Modern Warfare Mod added a variety of guns and weapons. 
  • Mod has a variety of theme filed and battlegrounds. 
  • An option like Melee weapons and Live Combat Feed has various options which you can use to enhance the performance and experience. 
  • This mod gives you different vibes along with advanced powers over weapons and skins. 

Paris’s Star Wars Mod

Screenshot 20220106 0702032

Are you a Star Wars fan? If you are a star fan then this mod is specifically designed for you and in case you are not then also you can try out this amazing mod. There are several features and weapons added that somewhere showcase the Star Wars world. You can differ in weapons, skin, and experience. 


  • Paris mod has various Spaceship options along with various derived powers from the star war world. 
  • The complexity of star war is included in-game but there are es of star war world that will elevate your experience. 
  • You can see the weapons and skin and you will instantly realize how deeply star Wars is incorporated into the mod. 

Multiple spaceships, force power as well as an alien tribe is also available. Basically, you will experience the real star wars environment here. 

How to Download Minecraft Gun Mod versions? 

Mod versions are not considered as legal or official versions of Minecraft. All these mini-mods and skins are provided by the local developers. That’s the reason you don’t find any official update announcement. Now, the question is how you can download these Gun Mod for Minecraft  :  

Every gun mod for Minecraft mentioned here is provided with a link to download a Mod. All you have to do is click on the link. 

You will be landed on the page with the link to download the mod version. Scroll down and you will find a Download option. 

Click on the option! Within a few seconds, you will see a file being downloaded to your device. 

Keep in mind that you are downloading the right version of the mod. Select the available mod and version as per the compatibility of your device. What are you waiting for? 

Take advantage of the Mod versions!


All the mod versions available here are easy to download, install and use. We have already made the entire process much easier. All you have to do is click on the link and download the file. 

Sometimes players are confused about which one is the best version. Here is the solution you should try all of them. You will get more exposure. Download any of the Mods right now!