When Does Brawl Stars Season 20 End? Date, Time, Duration, More

The ongoing Brawl Stars Season 20, which is called Back to Ranger Ranch, was one of the major updates for the game which was released in September 2023. It received a solid response from the community with many significant features and gameplay changes being introduced to the title.

Now, only a few weeks remain before the completion of its two-month duration. Already most players are close to completing the seasonal battle pass with a few dedicated ones already having completed it well in advance, eagerly awaiting the launch of the next big update, Brawl Stars Season 21, but when is it scheduled to start?

Read on to find out when Brawl Stars Season 20 is expected to end, alongside which the current battle pass will also conclude, clearing the path for the next major update that brings with it new content, features, and changes.

Brawl Stars Season 20: End Date and Time

The ongoing Brawl Stars Season 20 presented the community with a Ranger Ranch-themed battle pass for all players to enjoy, a huge change in the gameplay meta with the introduction of Hypercharge Ability, two new Brawlers to enjoy, and a change in the available number of game modes for better matchmaking.

However, every good thing must come to an end, as they prepare to welcome Brawl Stars Season 20 which will arrive with its own set of content and changes.

Based on the in-game countdown available which reflects when the current battle pass will expire, it is easy to figure out the end date of the current season and the start date of the next.

The Brawl Stars Season 20 will be coming to an end on 6th November at 11:15 PT / 20:15 CEST / 21:15 GMT / 16:15 ET / 23:45 IST.

  • Brawl Stars Season 20 – Start Date: 11th September, Monday

  • Brawl Stars Season 20 – End Date: 6th November, Monday

  • Brawl Stars Season 20 – Duration: 56 Days

As is the case with the departure of every season, it will be immediately replaced by Brawl Stars Season 21, which has been titled Bizarre Circus, marking the beginning of a new battle pass.

A few details have been revealed about the next update but nothing concrete has been shared about expected changes and features. With this being the last seasonal patch of 2023, many in the community are gearing up for some big surprises.