When Does Cici Release in Mobile Legends?

One of the most recently added heroes on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) advanced server is the hero named Cici. The hero is classified as a Fighter class that features impressive single-target damage. She also features a unique playstyle with a dual-wielding Yo-yo as her main weapon, making a lot of fans curious about her lore. Cici’s abilities in Mobile Legends have also been revealed but may be receiving a few tweaks before she officially arrives on the regular server. The hero is currently being tested on the advanced server of Mobile Legends and has recently received a slight adjustment to her abilities in the .

Mobile Legends (ML) Cici release date

Moonton is yet to officially announce the release date of Cici in Mobile Legends. However, leakers speculate that she may be arriving sometime in the year 2024. 

Usually, a new hero gets released every two to three months in Mobile Legends. The most recently released hero was Nolan who debuted back in September 2023. If we take this into consideration, then Cici may be released in either late December 2023 or early January 2024. 

Cici abilities in Mobile Legends

While waiting for the release date of Cici in ML, here is a quick summary of her abilities so players can get an idea of how to play her;

Skill 2: Buoyant Bounce

Cici leaps to a target location. If she lands on an enemy, she deals Physical Damage to them and leaps again in the target direction.

Ultimate: Curtain Call

Cici throws Yoyo at the target enemy hero and links them with another nearby enemy hero, dealing Physical Damage, slowing them, and pulling together for 3s. During this time, Cici can use Yo-Yo Blitz to attack both linked targets at the same time. If only one is within the range of Yo-Yo Blitz, Cici will attack the target twice, but the damage of the second attack will be reduced.

Recent changes have been made to Cici on the Mobile Legends advanced server. Her Passive now provides extra movement speed and her Ultimate now also provides more of a slow effect with a slightly faster cooldown. This will allow her to be even more aggressive in 1v1 fights. However, as a single-target focused hero, she may still struggle when dealing with multiple enemies. This means Cici in MLBB will most likely rely on her teammates for protection during team fights in order to takedown opponents and reduce her chances of dying or being targeted.

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