5 Best Free Fire Evo Gun Skins (October 2023)

Garena has always ensured that Free Fire players are engaged in the game by introducing various events and features. There have been many events introduced in the past which offer various types of gun skins. This event has also brought in some amazing gun skins for Free Fire fans. Players will require Diamonds to get the skins. Players will be able to get the Evo gun skins from the Luck Royale tab in Free Fire.

What are the best Free Fire Evo gun skins

The Evo skins in Free Fire offer much more than just appearance. The weapon skins also improve the capabilities of the weapon. The guns have various levels and players can upgrade to each level using the in-game currency known as Diamonds. These are some of the best Free Fire Evo gun skins:

  • AK 47 Blue Flame Draco: The AK 47 Blue Flame Draco skin is one of the most popular skins in Free Fire. It provides its fans with unique features such as specialized kill feed, level 1 to 7 upgrades, Increased speed of fire and some amazing animation after upgrading to level 7. The only downside to the skin is that it decreases the player’s movement speed.

The Evo gun skins in Free Fire are quite unique and offer a variety of features to its players. Players who wish to own these skins will have to spend diamonds in the Luck Royale section.