5 Meta Heroes in ML for Ranked Season 31

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The meta heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) shifted a lot in recent patches. While some heroes remain viable, there are a few that have just recently made their resurgence due to some adjustments or new gameplay mechanics. This is why a lot of players are looking to know more about the meta heroes in ML in the year 2024 that can help them climb the Ranked Season 31 competitive ladder. However, players should also keep in mind that their skill and mastery of the said heroes needs to be considered in order to properly use them.

Here is a list of the top 5 meta heroes in ML for the year 2024 in Ranked Season 31.

Ranked Season 31 Meta Heroes in ML in 2024

1. Fredrinn – Jungle or EXP Lane

A lot of heroes come and go in the meta. However, Fredrinn remains one of the strongest Jungle heroes in the game despite the recent adjustments. Aside from his durability as a frontline tank, he can also deal a ton of damage with his Ultimate ability while also being able to taunt enemies, providing a safe space for your allies to join in the team fight.

With assassins and Fighters back in the list of meta heroes in ML for 2024, Faramis has become one of the most viable Mid Lane or Roamer heroes in the game. This is due to his early-game power and Ultimate ability which provides a free revive for allies when they get killed during a team fight. Faramis is also one of the roamer heroes with the highest win rate in the M5 World Championship.

If your enemies lack utility, Nolan is the best pick in the Jungle lane. His solo-carry potential is massive as he can easily one-shot enemies with his combo. However, he requires proper positioning to target enemies before he himself gets targeted. He is vulnerable to crowd control abilities, and will underperform if you are behind in farming. This is why it is important for players to know how to position themselves when trying to ambush an enemy.

As a newly released character, Cici has already risen to the top meta heroes in ML for 2024. She is a fighter-type that can easily move around a team fight, making it hard for enemies to catch her with any crowd control ability. Cici also possesses a decent mix of sustain and damage with her passive Spell Vamp. Her mobility is also something to consider as she can easily roam around the map and gank other lanes if you use her leaping ability properly.

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