5 Mid Lane Heroes With Highest Win Rate in the M5 World Championship

The Mid Lane heroes with the highest win rate in the M5 World Championship were quite consistent. Three heroes were highly contested in almost every match which shows how powerful these heroes are now in the current meta. These three Mid Lane heroes with the highest win rate in the M5 World Championship have one thing in common, and that is their ability to clear waves very fast. This allows them to quickly roam and gank other lanes to help teammates or provide vision on the map. 

Here is a list of the top 5 Mid Lane heroes with the highest win rate in M5 World Championship. The list is based on .

Top 5 Highest Win Rate Mid Lane heroes in M5 World Championship

Valentina – 48.24% Win Rate (85 times picked)

Valentina remained as top-tier and was a highly contested mage hero during the M5 World Championship. She is mostly used as a counter-pick due to her ability to copy any enemy hero’s Ultimate ability. 

Whenever an enemy picks a hero that can be game-changing such as Faramis, or Novaria, Valentina is certainly going to be picked on the opposite side, unless she is banned.

Faramis – 50.75% Win Rate (67 times picked)

Despite being nerfed in the past updates, Faramis remained a high-value pick in the M5 World Championship. He can be played on both Mid Lane and as a Roamer due to his early game strength. His Ultimate: Cult Altar can provide allies with a safety net that allows them to take high-risk plays for the sake of winning the game.

Lylia – 48.08% Win Rate (52 times picked)

From being just a pocket pick by some players to now a highly contested Mid Lane hero, Lylia made a mark in the M5 World Championship meta. Her ability to clear a lane fast while also providing pressure to the enemy, allows her to easily zone out anyone who cannot reach her. 

Her Ultimate: Black Shoes provides her a safety net when she makes mistakes or gets ambushed by enemies.

Novaria – 56.41% Win Rate (39 times picked)

Similar to Faramis, Novaria is played either as a Mid Lane or a Roamer. This is due to her fast clearing potential as well as a very long range snipe attack that can deal huge amount of damage to enemies hit.

Her Ultimate: Astral Echo can also reveal and slow enemy targets caught in its range. This is important for team fights to provide vision on the map and spot potential ambushes before they happen.

Kadita 54.55% Win Rate (11 times picked)

Kadita is one of the few Mid Lane heroes who still remains relevant in the meta. While not the most popular pick in the M5 World Championship, she is still revered as one of the best pocket picks in the game. She can also be played as a roamer but her playstyle slightly changes based on her teammates, especially if she is paired with Johnson.

Her burst damage is enough to keep enemies second-guessing your next move and forces them to make misplays if they are not careful.