5 Reasons Why Fredrinn Is Still the Best Jungle Hero in Mobile Legends

Fredrinn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) remains one of the strongest Jungle heroes in the game. Despite multiple meta shifts and more heroes sharing the spotlight with the recent resurgence of Assassins, the hero is still being used in both professional esports and competitive ranked matches. Despite being one of the most-picked heroes in the game, there are a few players who are not aware of the reasons why Fredrinn is still considered as one of the strongest Jungle heroes in Mobile Legends. Here are five reasons why this Fighter/Tank hero remains viable despite the ever-evolving meta in Mobile Legends.

Why Fredrinn is still a top-tier Jungle hero in Mobile Legends

1. AoE Taunt ability

Taunts are one of the most dangerous crowd control effects in MLBB. This effect can cancel channeling abilities or prevent enemies from escaping or targeting other players. Fredrinn in Mobile Legends not only has this ability but it’s also an AoE (Area of Effect) skill. This means enemies around him will be taunted, allowing him to serve as a damage sponge or distraction during team fights. 

2. Tanky but can also deal massive burst damage

While a lot of players underestimate Fredrinn during team fights as he deals little damage with his abilities, they often find themselves bamboozled when they get one-shot with his ultimate ability. 

Fredrinn’s Ultimate ability increases in damage based on a percentage of his Crystal Energy (Gray Health) and can deal 175% more critical damage to enemies at the center of his ability range. You can never underestimate his damage.

3. Very high sustainability

When enemies damage Fredrinn, he gains Crystal Energy based on how much health he has lost. This Gray Health bar is not only used for his Ultimate ability but it can also be converted to HP. This allows him to actually have infinite sustain while rotating in the jungle.

4. Multiple crowd control effects

On top of being a durable frontline tank, Fredrinn also has various crowd-control effects in his arsenal. His first ability can slow enemies on hit, his second ability can knock enemies airborne, and his third ability can taunt enemies. Fredrinn has a lot of ways to pin down enemies and prevent them from escaping.

5. Easy to use and rewarding to master

While Assassins are actually one of the strongest jungle heroes in the meta, most of them are hard to use, especially for newer players. However, Fredrinn’s abilities and combos are actually easy to understand while also offering a ton of advantages. In high-skill matches, learning when to use your abilities will also be a huge asset in winning. This is why Fredrinn remains as one of the best Jungle heroes for both new and veteran players in Mobile Legends.