5 Tips on How to Improve Win Rate in Mobile Legends

Playing ranked games is one of the best ways to test your skills in every competitive game. However, improving your win rate and climbing a ranked ladder can be a tough challenge for players, especially in high-tier competitions. While patience and determination will always be crucial factors in reaching the highest rank, there are several ways in which players can lessen the difficulty or increase their chances of winning to reach Mythic rank in as little time as possible. Here are five tips on how to improve your win rate in Mobile Legends and reach the Mythic rank fast.

5 ways to improve your win rate in Mobile Legends

1. Play in a 5-Man Squad

One of the most effective strategies for ranking up quickly in Mobile Legends is to play with a 5-man squad. Playing with friends or people you trust can improve your communication in-game and increase your chances of winning matches. Teamwork is often the key to success in Mobile Legends.

2. Play Meta Heroes

While it’s comfortable to stick with heroes you know well, learning to play meta heroes can significantly boost your win rate. Meta heroes are typically the most powerful picks for the current game version. Keep an eye on patch updates as the meta can shift with balance changes.

3. Learn to Play More than One Role

Versatility is crucial in Mobile Legends. Many players specialize in one role, but it’s essential to learn at least two roles to adapt to different team compositions in ranked matches. Being flexible ensures you can contribute effectively, even when playing outside your comfort zone.

4. Never Surrender

In Mobile Legends, the game isn’t over until the Nexus falls. Don’t surrender too early, as your team might be on the verge of a comeback. Your teammates might be farming for late-game power spikes or waiting for a perfect engagement opportunity. Always give your best effort and play the game to its conclusion if you want to rank up swiftly.

5. Avoid being toxic towards your allies

While being on a losing side can be frustrating, it is important not to let it demoralize you or undermine your determination to keep playing and do better. This also applies to your allies who are also trying their best to win. Always avoid trash-talking your allies or blaming them for underperforming. Try to be friendly with everyone and motivate them to do better and work together to try and turn the tide in your favor.

These tips will increase your chances of winning more ranked games in Mobile Legends. However, it’s important to remember that reaching the highest ranks requires patience and consistent effort. Stay dedicated to improving your skills, and you’ll eventually see yourself climbing the competitive ladder and achieving that coveted Mythic rank.