Top 5 Best Gun Skins in BGMI 2022

Best Gun Skins in BGMI: Gun skins are a great way to put a personal touch on your weapons and take out your opponents in style. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has a number of cosmetics to choose from including a variety of gun skins to choose from, some of them are common and can be unlocked easily through crates, others are quite rare and entail bragging rights. Here are some of the best gun skins in BGMI for September 2021. Many of these gun skins are also some of the most expensive in the mobile battle royale, but definitely worth the investment.

M416 – The Fool


M416 The Fool is a Mythic gun skin available in BGMI. The skin can be upgraded to a maximum level of 7 which includes a special kill feed message and other effects. Players need 27 materials and 370 paints to upgrade it to level 7. At level 6, the skin casts the ‘Fool’s Surprise’ animation and at level 7 the skin makes the loot crate look like a box with a jack-in-a-box inside.

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M416 – Glacier

All M416 Upgradable Skins in Pubg Mobile BGMI 5

The M416 Glacier skin is an upgradable skin with 7 levels that requires a total of 27 materials and 370 paints to upgrade from its base level to its maximum level. The M416 – Glacier also comes with an on-hit effect which can be unlocked at level 5. Upgrading it to level 7 makes the player’s loot crate look like a snowman. The M416 Glacier can be unlocked by opening classic crates which cost 120 UC per crate.

M24 – Pharaoh’s Might

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The M24 – Pharaoh’s Might was available during the Pharaoh X suit skin release and is another skin that comes with a special kill feed message. At level 7 it makes your loot crate look like a Pharaoh style crate. The skin is available during the lucky spin event and one of the rarest M24 skins in BGMI. As all other rare skins, players will need 27 materials and 370 paint to upgrade the skin to level 7.

AWM – The Mauve Avenger

mauve avenger awm lucky spin 3daa

AWM – The Mauve Avenger skin a futuristic looking gun skin which includes a special kill feed message and the loot crate gives off light when downed. The skin also comes with a lightening effect and a firearm ornament. It is upgradable to level 7 and require 27 materials and 370 paint. It was available during a spin event and only a handful of players in the game own this skin.

AKM – Dessert Fossil

Desert Fossil AKM e1632811563668

This exclusive AKM Dessert Fossil skin was available in BGMI in the Lucky spin section. Players had to spend about 540 UC to get 10 draws of the lucky spin. Pro player Regaltos prefers this skin and has spent over 10K UC to obtain this skin. It also comes with a unique kill message.

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