Coach BON CHAN Discusses Rumors About Blacklist International’s Roster Changes

Coach BON CHAN Discusses Rumors About Blacklist International's Roster Changes


The esteemed coach, Kristoffer “BON CHAN” Ricaplaza, has offered his insights on the swirling speculations surrounding Blacklist International’s potential roster revamp and player transfers. According to him, the esports organization plans to release some of its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) talents, a decision aimed at providing these players with an opportunity for personal and professional growth within new teams. The coach also answered some questions and rumors that the Mobile Legends community has been discussing, including the possible return of Blacklist International’s V33Wise duo or the return of the M3 World Championship main 5 lineup.

Coach BON CHAN answers questions regarding Blacklist International’s roster changes and rumors for Season 13

As the curtain rises on preparations for Season 13 of the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL PH), a tapestry of rumors and speculations unfolds within the community’s discourse. Coach BON CHAN stepped into the limelight , where he tries to address the swirling rumors surrounding Blacklist International’s roster for the upcoming season.

Blacklist International to release two members from its secondary team

Coach BON CHAN first talked about the rumors that two Blacklist International members are leaving to . The coach confirmed the two players would be released from the team but did not reveal which team they were joining next.

“Let’s just say it’s true but we won’t be revealing it before the organization announces it,” he said. 

The coach provided additional insights, detailing that the two players in question hail from Blacklist International’s secondary team, primarily utilized as scrim partners. According to him, the decision to let go of these players was a decision made to provide these players with an opportunity for personal and professional growth within new teams.

“It’s fun to have a Team 2 but at the same time, it’s regrettable because their potential is wasted, their talent, just because we only use them as scrim partners and they rarely play,” he explained.

Coach BON CHAN clarified that the team will still be keeping some members of Team 2 as substitute players but the two unnamed players will be given the chance to play on another team and showcase their talents.

Is Hadji transferring to EVOS Legends? 

BON CHAN touched on another rumor surrounding Blacklist International’s Mid Laner Salic “Hadji” Imam allegedly moving to join EVOS Legends. 

The coach revealed that “EVOS is interested in acquiring him but not only them but a lot of teams are interested in Hadji, especially in Indonesia.”

He clarified that the esports organizations only showed interest in acquiring the esteemed Mid Laner but are yet to confirm if the player transfer will happen. He also hinted that Hadji may remain under Blacklist International but will be shifting to a new role.

“There’s no final decision yet, but as much as possible, we don’t want to lose Hadji, but then we’ll never know if there are offers that are too good to pass,” he shared.

Coach BON CHAN revealed that the deadline for the Team Roster submission for the MPL PH Season 13 is scheduled for 15th January. Until then, nothing is set in stone.

New MDL Partnership

Disclosing a recent development, the coach of Blacklist International unveiled a fresh partnership deal for the organization’s Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) team. Assuring fans, the coach emphasized that this collaboration was meticulously orchestrated, ensuring a seamless alliance without the hiccups experienced in the .

“This time we made sure that everything will be good with this partnership with the org, unlike the previous one that went downhill,” said BON CHAN.

The name of the organization that Blacklist International has partnered with is yet to be unveiled.

Will Blacklist International acquire Kairi from ONIC Esports?

One of the most discussed topics in the MLBB community is the rumors surrounding the potential buyout of Blacklist International for Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol from ONIC Esports. Addressing the intrigue, BON CHAN conveyed that, given a myriad of factors, the likelihood of this happening in the current season is considerably small.

“One thing we need to consider is can Blacklist buyout Kairi and the answer is ‘it depends’. If ONIC sets the price that screams ‘we don’t want him to be bought out,’ then we can’t buyout the player, but if it’s a reasonable price then it might happen,” he explained.

Coach BON CHAN provided additional insight, emphasizing that Kairi’s decision should be carefully weighed, taking into account the potential impact on his fan base and potential revenue if he wishes to leave Indonesia and go back to the Philippines.

With that being said, the coach answered the fan question that “No Kairi in Blacklist this Season 13.” This may also hint that the esports organization is open to acquiring the pro player in the future.

Is the V33Wise duo making a comeback in MPL PH Season 13?

A lot of fans are also looking forward to hearing the return of Blacklist International’s iconic duo Jonmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna and Danerie “Wise” Rosario, this Season 13

BON CHAN shared how a lot happened last year which caused the V33Wise duo to get mixed up in various controversies in the Mobile Legends community, specifically the 10 Greatest Players awards where the two were due to brand endorsement issues. 

Another issue was with .

While the return of the V33Wise duo is yet to be confirmed, Coach BON CHAN stated that either the duo returns to prove they deserve to be part of the 10 Greatest Players nomination or they may stay inactive in the lineup and explore more opportunities outside Mobile Legends.

“If you were standing in the shoes of the V33Wise, which option would you choose?” the coach stated.

One “Key” player will leave Blacklist International

One of the topics that BON  CHAN discussed was the departure of one of the team’s key members. While the name is yet to be revealed, the coach explained that “out of all the predictions that fans commented on his previous post that discussed this matter, none of them were correct.”

Blacklist International is yet to officially announce its roster for the upcoming MPL PH Season 13. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more information in the future. 


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