COD: Mobile Season 11: All Battle Pass Characters and Gun Skins Revealed

From exciting new character skins to intricately designed weapon blueprints, the anticipation for this latest Battle Pass is reaching a fever pitch. In this comprehensive breakdown, we delve into the unveiled lineup of characters and weapon skins set to come with COD: Mobile Season 11 Siren Song battle pass.

COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Rewards

Character Skins:

The Season 11 Siren Song Battle Pass introduces an array of captivating character skins that promise to elevate the in-game experience. The standout among these is the enigmatic ‘Chemical Santa,’ an epic Clerk character skin boasting a Wintry allure and captivating details. However, opinions remain divided on the new ‘Lurk’ character skin, with its intriguing yet divisive appearance sparking varied reactions among players.

The introduction of the first-ever Roland operator in COD Mobile, embodied in the ‘Roland’ character skin adorned in the ‘Vendor Blood’ uniform from Vanguard, piques curiosity about future R and R skins. Additionally, the vibrant ‘Alex Sweater Weather’ character skin, though visually appealing with eye-catching armor, leaves some players unconvinced.

Rounding off the character lineup is the introduction of ‘Soap,’ donning the ‘Buzzard King’ uniform, which, although not unanimously praised, contributes to the diverse ensemble of Season 11’s Battle Pass characters.

Weapon Skins:

Accompanying the array of character skins are several weapon blueprints that add depth and flair to the Season 11 Battle Pass. Notable among these is the ‘Chemical Burn’ skin for the PP19 Bison, boasting a satisfactory modification and color palette, although some players express reservations due to the absence of a modified iron sight.

The ‘Final Gift’ blueprint for the Grau Assault rifle garners attention for its intriguing design and striking color selection, further enhanced by a slightly modified iron sight, prompting mixed opinions among players.

The ‘Ice Leopard’ skin for the M4 arrives with gray and orange accents, featuring modified attachments. Despite its aesthetic appeal, the blueprint falls short due to its unexceptional iron sight, eliciting a mixed reception from players.

The ‘Rafina Special X1’ skin for the BY15 displays intricate details but disappoints with the absence of a modified iron sight, somewhat detracting from its overall appeal.

Finally, the ‘Elemental Aggression’ skin for the RPD, with its icy design, fails to captivate universally due to an unremarkable iron sight, generating varying preferences among players.

While this breakdown focuses primarily on character and weapon skins, it’s important to note that additional rewards like frames, calling cards, backpacks, emotes, and avatars are anticipated from the Season 11 Siren Song Battle Pass. However, specifics regarding these rewards are yet to be unveiled, teasing further excitement among the CODM community.