BMPS 2023 Week 2 Day 3: Overall Standings, Match Summary and More

Day 3 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 Week 2 has concluded with the Blue Group completing their matches for the week. Each team has played their 5 matches for the week with teams like Blind Esports, AutoBotz and Team Together Esports dominating the event.

Blind Esports is placed at the top of the table with 115 points including 1 chicken dinner. AutoBotz placed second with 104 points and 3 chicken dinners. Team Together Esports (TTE) placed third with 98 points. Team Genesis placed fourth with 84 points. Global Esports placed fifth with 74 total points.

BMPS 2023 Week 2 Day 3 Match Summary

Match 1 Erangel (Group 1 vs Group 2): AutoBotz secured a massive 33 point chicken dinner including 18 finish points. Prajwal “Skrillz” and Shabarish “MrSpray” were the Most Valuable Players (MVP) of the match with 6 finishes each. Global Esports placed second and got 19 points. Galaxy Esports continued their momentum from Day 2 and got 18 points. Enigma Gaming showed good rotations and got 11 points. Team Hyper was eliminated early without scoring any points.

Match 2 Miramar (Group 5 vs Group 6): Blind Esports secured a 32 point chicken dinner on the map of Miramar. Rudra “Spower” and Nakul “Nakul” Sharma from Blind Esports were the star performers as they secured 5 finishes each. Team RC placed second and got 17 points. OnePowerxHighVoltage had a good mix of finish and placement points and secured 14 points. Team DE and LiveCraft grabbed 13 points each. BloodRose and The World OF Battle (TWOB) were eliminated early with a single point each.

Match 3 Sanhok (Group 2 vs Group 5): Wind Esports made a comeback to grab a 24 point chicken dinner. Although Wind Esports secured the chicken dinner, Hydra Esports took the most points (25) from the match including 13 finish points. Duoraop from Hydra Esports was the MVP of the match with 5 finishes. Team RC continued its good run and got 16 points. Team Hyper placed fourth and got 14 points. 7Shore was eliminated in the early phases without scoring any points.

Match 4 Vikendi (Group 1 vs Group 3): AutoBotz Esports secured its third chicken dinner of Week 2 with 19 points. Reckoning Esports was the team who got the most points (23) from the match. Team Seal and Marcos Gaming placed third and fourth and got 16 points each. Enigma Gaming placed fifth and got 13 points. Infinity from Enigma Gaming was the MVP of the match with 7 solo finishes. Team DOD and Hindustan Gaming were eliminated early with 1 point each.

Match 5 Erangel (Group 3 vs Group 6): Hindustan Gaming secured a massive 31 point chicken dinner including 16 finish points. Nickop from Hindustan Gaming was the MVP of the match with 8 finishes. 4 Aggressive Man made a comeback and showed good team work to grab 18 points. Team DE and Gujarat Tiger also made a comeback to secure 14 points each. Team Seal and Hyderabad Hydras were eliminated early with 2 points each.

Week 2 of BMPS 2023 has concluded for the Blue Group with teams like AutoBotz, Team Genesis and TTE making a comeback and securing a place in the top 5. Few teams like Growing Strong and Hyderabad Hydras who showed consistent performances in Week 1 also put forth good fights in Week 2 and accumulated over 50 points across 5 matches.

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