EVOS Esports Parts Ways with Players Across MPL and MDL Divisions

EVOS Esports, a fan-favorite Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) team hailing from Indonesia, has dropped a a surprising revelation for its dedicated fan base. In an unexpected move, the organization has decided to part ways with several players across its MLBB teams, spanning both official leagues and the national league. This strategic decision suggests a looming overhaul in response to the team’s underwhelming performance in the previous year’s MLBB esports tournaments.

EVOS Esports bids farewell to some of its MPL and MDL players

Through an Instagram post, EVOS Esports announced the release of a few talents in its MLBB teams.

“Thank you to @evos.sutsujinnn @evos.cr1te @evos.gamora @evos.caid @evos.hijumee @evos.soa who has worked hard throughout this season. Your hard work, cooperation and dedication will never be forgotten by EVOS,” the post captioned.

Arthur “Sutsujin” Sunarkho, Muhammad “Cr1te” Yusuf, and Dalvin “Hijumee” Putra stand as the seasoned pillars of the team, bringing a wealth of experience to EVOS Legends, the Mobile Legends Professional League team, and EVOS Icon, the developmental counterpart.

At the helm of this strategic roster was Aji “SonsOfAnarchy” Wicaksono, better known as SOA, who acted as the team manager for EVOS Legends.

Muhammad “Gamora” Perkasa, a former standout from Bigetron Alpha, and Raihan “Caid” Said, previously associated with Aura Fire, recently made a significant leap to EVOS Icon. However, the duo’s stint with the team was short-lived, featuring only a solitary season in the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) before parting ways with the roster.

EVOS Holy released entire MLBB roster

Aside from the release of its MPL and MDL players, EVOS Esprots also bid farewell to its National Esports League squad. EVOS Holy.

The team’s last and final run was during the Liga Esports National 2023 – Liga 1 where it finished in 10th place and failed to secure a playoff slot. 

As the esports landscape ushers in a new year with a myriad of tournaments, as outlined in the comprehensive Mobile Legends Esports Roadmap 2024, EVOS Esports is on a mission to redefine its competitive edge. The organization aims to reconstruct its team rosters, harboring aspirations of reclaiming its former glory as one of the undisputed powerhouses in the Indonesian MLBB esports scene.