Free Fire MAX Bubbly Fist Faded Wheel Event: Check Cost, Rewards, How to Get

Free Fire MAX Bubbly Fist Faded Wheel Event: Check Cost, Rewards, How to Get

Free Fire, the immensely popular battle royale game, has introduced an exciting new in-game event called the Faded Wheel. This event presents players with the opportunity to acquire a diverse array of rewards, with the highly coveted Bubbly Waves fist skin being the main attraction.

The Bubbly Waves fist skin stands out with its unique water bubble animation, adding a visually captivating element to the game’s cosmetic offerings. However, the Faded Wheel event goes beyond merely offering this singular item, as it provides players with a chance to obtain multiple rewards from a curated reward list.

Free Fire MAX Bubbly Fist Faded Wheel Event: Complete Details

The mechanics of the Faded Wheel event are straightforward yet engaging. Players are given the option to select 8 out of 10 possible rewards from the prize pool. This system increases the likelihood of obtaining desired items, creating a sense of anticipation and strategic decision-making for participants.

Diamond Spin Cost

To partake in this event, players must spend diamonds, which serve as the in-game currency. The cost of each spin on the Faded Wheel escalates incrementally, starting at 19 diamonds and progressing to 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and finally, 499 diamonds for the subsequent spins.

This increasing cost structure is implemented to account for the guaranteed nature of the rewards and to prevent duplicate prizes from being awarded.

Free Fire MAX Bubbly Fist Faded Wheel Event: Reward List

The full reward list for the Faded Wheel event comprises an array of enticing items, including:

  • Bubbly Waves fist skin

  • Captain Bubble weapon loot crate

  • Navy Star grenade

  • Supply crate

  • Ocean Predator Skyboard

  • Armor crate

  • Urban Rager weapon loot crate

  • Aqua Lad banner

  • Pet food

  • Cube fragments

Bubbly Fist Faded Wheel event page in Free Fire MAX

Steps to acquire Bubbly Waves Fist from the event

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and select the luck royale tab to access the new Bubbly Fist Faded wheel.

  2. Go to the Bubble Fist tab and the event interface will be opened.

  3. Remove two items and start making spins to get the latest fist skin.

It is important to note that the Faded Wheel event coincides with the conclusion of the Holi event campaign. As new events celebrating the Ramadan festivities are on the horizon, players may wish to exercise prudence in their diamond expenditure.

Carefully considering the potential value offered by upcoming events could prove advantageous in maximizing the rewards obtained from their diamond investments.

Overall, the Faded Wheel event in Free Fire presents an engaging opportunity for players to acquire the visually striking Bubbly Waves fist skin, along with a diverse range of other rewards.

Through a combination of strategic decision-making and judicious resource management, participants can enhance their in-game experience and potentially acquire coveted items that will elevate their gameplay.

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