Warzone Mobile Update Improves Graphics But Brings More Issues

Warzone Mobile Update Improves Graphics But Brings More Issues

Warzone Mobile, the popular battle royale game, has received a new update, Version 3.3.5, which aims to address various issues players have been experiencing.

While the update brings some improvements, it also introduces a few new problems, leaving players questioning whether it is enough to keep them engaged with the game.

In this article, we take a look at all these improvements and give you a clear idea of where to set your expectations.

Warzone Mobile Players Experience Graphics and Performance Enhancements With Latest Patch

One of the most noticeable changes in the update is the reduction of blurry textures and improved texture quality on Android devices. The developers have fixed an issue where some devices with Mali GPUs were using lower graphic settings than possible, resulting in poor image quality.

Additionally, an issue with Adreno 650s that caused some players to see higher quality content than their devices could handle, leading to performance issues, has been resolved.

The update also includes several other performance-related fixes, such as addressing an issue where some shaders were corrupted, causing crashes and visual distortions. Furthermore, the developers have implemented memory improvements to geometry buffers, aiming to enhance performance across all devices.

Overheating and FPS Issues Persist

Despite the improvements, some issues remain unresolved. Overheating problems, although not as severe as before, are still present. The update aimed to fix an issue where some devices would automatically detect incorrect FPS settings, causing them to maintain an FPS too high which resulted in overheating. However, users report that the overheating issue persists, albeit to a lesser extent.

Additionally, while FPS has become more consistent, it still drops off towards the middle to later parts of the game. Users have noticed that the game feels smoother overall, but FPS fluctuations are still present.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

The latest Warzone Mobile update includes several bug fixes, such as addressing an issue where unsupported phones could load the game, resulting in an unsupported GPU error. Players who previously encountered issues with UAVs not working correctly on the iPhone 15 should also see improvements.

Furthermore, the developers have made adjustments to prices at shopping stations and improvements to the early return process to prevent players from joining a lobby that is about to close.

Step in the Right Direction, But More Work Required

While the update represents a step in the right direction for Warzone Mobile, it is far from perfect. The graphics still need further improvements, and issues like overheating, FPS drops, crashes, and texture loading problems persist for some devices.

The developers acknowledge the need for continuous updates and improvements, as the interest level in the game is reportedly dropping off quite significantly. A major update is scheduled for April 3rd, and players have high hopes that it will address the remaining issues and breathe new life into the game.

As the battle royale market becomes increasingly competitive, Warzone Mobile must continue to prioritize performance, stability, and a polished gaming experience to retain its player base and attract new users.

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