Pokémon Go Reportedly Growing, ‘Major Features’ Coming Later This Year

Pokemon Go World Of Wonders

In a new interview with Eurogamer, senior vice president of Pokémon Go Ed Wu said the game is “growing” and revealed key plans for its future.

Although Pokemon Go is approaching its 10th anniversary, Wu said that “Go Tour was by many metrics our most successful week ever”. In fact, they said that “in-person raiding nearly doubled”.

They also added that the developers invested enough into the game to ensure “really firm foundations for the next 10 years”. So, longtime fans can rest assured that development shouldn’t slow down anytime soon.

Niantic apparently has ambitious plans for its roster of Pokémon, though its approach is realistic. Wu says that “our aspiration is to get every Pokémon in the game, but we want to do it in the right way”.

Pokemon Go World Of Wonders

Wu was also willing to get more specific regarding future updates. In anticipation of a 10th anniversary, they mentioned interest in refreshing the Avatar system. Improvements will include “updated assets” and more customization.

Wu further elaborated on plans for 2024 in particular. They confirmed that Niantic “will continue to deliver huge, major features, and we have several lined up for later this year”.

While this is pretty vague, it does hint that Pokémon Go could roll out some notable changes this year. Games often use anniversaries as an opportunity to overhaul things, much like Apex Legends did with its “Breakout” update.

Eurogamer did inquire about the influence of Pokémon Legends Z-A, first announced last month. Unfortunately, Wu hinted that although the team was excited about the game, Pokémon Go will likely focus on other content.

It often takes a while for Pokémon Go to catch up on the latest franchise additions. So, this shouldn’t surprise fans.

The Pokémon Day showcase last February revealed Pokemon TCG Pocket. It’s another mobile game for the franchise that will launch sometime this year.

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