Free Fire MAX: Steps to Get Brand new Skill Skins and Voicelines before Christmas

The Winterland 2023 event is in full swing on the Free Fire Indian server. On top of everything, another Winterlads Tag Team event and the new skill skins was also added this week. Players can add them in their collection without having to spend any diamonds. In this article we talk about the event in details, including how to get the desired items.

New Frost Shockwave and Frost Rush skin in Free Fire this week

The Winterlads Tag Team event began in Free Fire MAX on December 19, and will run until Thursday, December 25. While the awards in this event are only temporary, free is still free. Frost Shockwave is a new skill skin of Senses Shockwave. This is the blind assassin Homer’s skill. And players can get Frost Rust, which is Rebel Rush’s skin. In order to get their hands on the skin, players need to eliminate 140 enemies in Free Fire MAX.

How to get the Complimentary Skill Skins and Voicelines?

Step 1: First launch Free Fire MAX and choose the Lone Wolf mode. This mode is the best suited for accumulating a larger kill count. After obtaining 140 points, open up the Winterlads Tag Team event.
Step 2: To enter the event, go to the section for events and click on Activities in particular.
Step 3: After entering, join in the Winterlads Tag Team event to get your rewards. Furthermore, keep playing to win free voice lines.

As far as Free Fire events go, this is one of the most straightforward and rewarding. All players need to do is keep playing the game modes they know and love. Then they’ll soon unlock skin rewards that make their characters look cooler than ever before during the winter season. It’s also the perfect way for Garena to spread holiday cheer and give back to the community.