Kronten Explains Why Tournament Prize Pool is Important

Kronten Explains Why Tournament Prize Pool is Important


Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude is one of the prominent figures in the esports industry. He is the owner of Godlike Esports, an organization that has invested in multiple esports titles such as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) (male and female rosters), Call Of Duty Mobile (CODM), Free Fire, Fifa, PUBG New State, and Valorant.

In a recent interview Kronten talked about the importance of the prize pool of a tournament and how it can benefit a particular organization to run its operations.

Kronten talks about tournament Prize Pools  and why they are important to organizations

In the recent Men of Culture podcast with AFK Gaming, Kronten talked about what role the prize pool of a tournament plays and how it is important for an organization in the current Indian gaming industry.

Talking about the importance of an event’s prize pool, Kronten said, “I think a lot of things also depend on the prize pool of a tournament. There were not many tournaments taking place in the past and hardly three or four events used to take place. But now there are so many tournaments one after another and the upside of that is, if a team is placed in the top 3 in a tournament, the prize money won by them can cover the salaries of the players. Also, in the future if a team wins any event or there are merchandise sponsors or brand deals it will act as an extra revenue for the organization. So according to me the prize pool definitely plays an important role.”

According to Kronten with the number of BGMI events taking place currently, the prize pool of a tournament plays an important role for an organization and also enables it to attract brand deals and sponsorships. He also says that if a team grabs a podium finish in an event, the organization can cover the salaries of the team with the prize money won by the team.

Since the unban of BGMI in May 2023 the number of third party events has significantly increased with multiple tournaments taking place each week. The first month after BGMI was unbanned there were more than ten events that took place with each one boasting lakhs in prize pools. There have also been multiple third party LAN events which have helped the BGMI scene grow at a faster rate.


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