MPL Brazil Expands to Include LATAM Region

MPL Brazil Expands to Include LATAM Region

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Brazil has expanded its reach and has been rebranded to include the LATAM (Latin America) region. The regional league started its first season back in 2021 when the region saw a resurgence of promising talent and teams that showcased their skills on the big stage. 

As anticipation builds for the approaching , the Brazilian league takes a monumental stride by adopting the name MPL LATAM. This evolution signifies a pivotal shift, suggesting that the upcoming season is poised to witness a more expansive array of regions vying for the coveted championship title

MPL Brazil expands reach to include LATAM teams

Through a Twitter post on 16th January 2024, MPL Brazil announced its expansion. Now named MPL LATAM, the upcoming league is set to be held sometime in March.

“Get ready, MPL Latam is coming with everything!” captioned the post.

Curious fans flocked to the comment section where they asked about the future of the Brazilian Mobile Legends league. According to MPL LATAM, this new league is “bringing a new challenge that promises to bring a lot of excitement to our region.”

Before the rebranding, Latin America already had the Liga LATAM Mobile Legends tournament which featured a bigger prize pool than the Brazilian league with a wider variety of competing regions. The recently concluded Liga LATAM 2023 also served as the regional qualifier for the M5 World Championship.

Brazilian teams such as RRQ Akira and Bigetron Sons are currently at the top of the competition in the LATAM MLBB esports scene. However, with the expansion of the MPL LATAM next season, this growth may provide the opportune moment for other formidable squads from across the LATAM region to emerge and showcase their skills.

More details about the upcoming MPL LATAM season shall be revealed at a later date. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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